Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by grass man420, Nov 14, 2011. yeah i dont think there man made, theres to much precision. No one here disputes the possibility of man leaving it's mark/s on the vastly natural structure. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. Masaaki Kimura, a marine researcher at the Rykyus University (Okinawa) talks about "a masterpiece". Colossus of Rhodes, one of the tallest artifacts i... Tower of Babel, tower beHind Hanging Gardens of Ba... Tombol Rahasia, " I'm feeling lucky " in Google, Amityville hOuse Dan Kasus Pembunuhan Di Dalamnya. Really? Re the ‘quarry mark’ hieroglyphs in the relieving chambers above the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, I have rightly been taken to task for uncritically supporting Zecharia Sitchin’s forgery theory. The plateaux have gradient sections, and there is no perpendicular wall. After all, what worthwhile new scientific theory ever comes into existence all at once and fully formed? No ‘forger’ could possibly have reached in there after the blocks had been set in place – blocks, I should add, that weigh tens of tons each and that are immovably interlinked with one another. Atlas Obscura and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyse our traffic. The 20th century witnessed the emergence of an overwhelming academic concensus, supported in the media and at all levels of the education system, that no lost civilisation lies forgotten in the human past. Almost immediately the expert found himself facing a massif that was straight out of a sci-fi movie. But the point I want to make here is that it was worth presenting anyway. Was it in some way irresponsible of him in his book The Orion Mystery to put before the public a very large and compelling body of evidence which suggests that the ground plan cannot possibly be a coincidence? beams the explorer. I responded with the following full retraction which was published on Egyptnews and on many widely-read websites (NB links cited may be out of date): I am the author of "Fingerprints of the Gods" and the co-author (with Robert Bauval) of "Keeper of Genesis" (entitled "The Message of the Sphinx" in the United States). The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. The only reasonable conclusion is the one which orthodox Egyptologists have already long held – namely that the hieroglyphs are genuine Old Kingdom graffiti and that they were daubed on the blocks before construction began. I don’t think anyone is in a position to form an intelligent opinion about what Yonaguni has to offer until they have put in extensive time there and dealt with some of the risks of repeated dives to its unique underwater sites. I argued that the Ark’s powers might have been derived from the forgotten knowledge of a lost civilisation and that it could indeed have been some sort of artefact or instrument. Surely only a fool, or a pedant with invincible confidence in the orthodox theory that dates the Sphinx to 2,500 BC, would argue that West should have dropped the matter? Kihachiro Aratake runs a big diving shop on the island. "I am happy that everyone comes here, the foreigners too!" Origin. by Graham Hancock, Eater of Souls Ultimately, however, our hypothesis does not stand or fall on the precise dates at which individual monuments were built. For millennia, the Jomon culture of present-day Japan and Korea built their villages with multiple high-rise buildings supported by paired rows of ~2m wide tree trunks likely exceeding eight stories in height, as exemplified at the later Neolithic archeological sites of Sannai-Maruyama, dated at ~5,000bp. Kisah sebuah patung wanita yang diciptakan Haphaestus... Ini adalah menu favorit saya sewaktu saya pernah bekerja sebagai marketing di sebuah internasional restauran di semarang yg menjual chinese ... Tāj Mahal( تاج محل , ताज महल) adalah sebuah monumen yang terletak di Agra, India. Some claim they may have been partly modified by humans at some point, and discoveries of a few tools lend credibility to this theory. It is now well-established that at that date Japan was home to the remarkable Jomon culture which manufactured beautiful pottery at least 3000 years earlier than any other known civilisation in the world and which also mastered the domestication of rice at an extremely early date. japan atlantis- yonaguni monument. He believes that a pyramid, castles, roads, monuments and a stadium can be identified within the structure – which for him is evidence that the monument is what remains of the Lost Continent of Mu, the Japanese equivalent to Atlantis. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). On the contrary I wrote in Keeper/Message that "the Great Pyramid must have some extremely strong connection with the epoch of 2500 BC – the approximate date at which all orthodox Egyptologists and archaeologists in fact believe it to have been built." Mutter Museum, muSeum paling "goRe" di dUnia, SigiRiya,, Sri LanKa, paLace at the rock hill. Tapi apakah Anda tahu j... Siapa di antara para pembaca yang pernah melihat film Sanctum 3D? It isn’t my job to show my client in a bad light! Facts like these fail to stem the current epidemic of mystery-fever. The submerged city just offshore at Yonaguni Island is perhaps the most famous sunken megalithic city for its shallow 4-25m depth and often clear visibility of the water that facilitate high-quality video and photography. A recent example of the latter is the German geologist Wolf Wichmann who made a total of just three dives at Yonaguni this summer and then declared – in Der Spiegel magazine (34/1999)- "I didn’t find anything that was man-made.". All detailed maps of Yonaguni Monument are created based on real Earth data. As I said a moment ago, I have never claimed to be anything other than a professional author. When I re-released the idea of a great lost civilisation into general circulation with the publication of Fingerprints of the Gods in 1995 the book was universally condemned by academics. I decided to tell the story. Others noticed how popular Fingerprints had become – a Number One bestseller in Britain, Italy and Japan with total sales in excess of three million – and concluded that I had somehow conned the public into making me rich. Discover Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei (Yonaguni Monument) in Yonaguni, Japan: The Yonaguni Monument, a natural formation or the Japanese Atlantis? Since the ‘prosecution’ – orthodox academics – naturally seek to make the opposite case as effectively as they can, I must be equally effective and, where necessary, equally ruthless. In recent years I have made a good living and I hope this is because millions of individual readers around the world have found my books entertaining and intellectually stimulating. In modern times through our accumulation of knowledge, we have tried to piece together a timeline of the rise and fall of civilizations. I pointed out that the Great Pyramid’s famous star shafts unequivocally link the monument to the epoch of 2500 BC and that the construction levels through which the shafts run might be explained as "the later work of the same long-lived cult that laid out the Giza ground-plan in 10,450 BC.’. Offer subject to change without notice. Most good theories are the result of years of experimentation and trial and error — with bad hypotheses being abandoned and better ones gradually strengthened. Yonaguni-jima Kaitei Chikei is rather close to the shore and requires a dive of 9 to 52 feet to explore the bottom of the structure. The mounting evidence of the surprising sophistication and complexity of Jomon culture, coupled with evidence of advanced architectural abilities at sites like Sannai-maruyama and elsewhere, makes these mysterious prehistoric people look like very plausible candidates for the creators of the Yonaguni monuments. I think that he built it for another purpose altogether – a far loftier and much more mysterious purpose. The guru of ancient antiquity and best-selling author Graham Hancock was also investigating the site. The same goes for what I call the "tourist academics" who come to Yonaguni, do four or five dives and leave, again declaring that the structures are natural. Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. Seperti apa yang terjadi jika ada yang me... Krak des Chevaliers adalah benteng tentara Salib di Suriah.Dalam bahasa Arab, benteng ini dijuluki sebagai Qal’at al-Ḥosen Benteng ini terl... 1. See. The most prominent part of the Yonaguni Monument is a giant slab of rock that is nearly 500 feet long, 130 feet wide and 90 feet tall. A parallel for what I do is to be found in the work of an attorney defending a client in a court of law. Robert Bauval and I have jointly evolved a tentative ‘theory of Giza’ over the past five years of our work together. In short, we are more interested in why such a model was built than when it was built. Yonaguni Monument, Japan (24.26°N 123.0°E) is 5,514 miles from the Great Pyramid, a distance that comprises 22.15% of the Earth's mean circumference distance of 24,892 miles. Resonance at Yonaguni Monument, Japan. But if it was created by water rising, and being underwater, and not being rediscovered til the 80's makes me think those people would of never seen it if it was natural. Amazing Turkey, Lihat keinDahan dan peninggaLan be... Melihat Peninggalan Kaum Tsamud ( bangsa yg dimusn... WaterSlide yang ter-, ter-, ter-, di Dunia seMua a... Wank Machine, Alat bantu M*****basi bwat cOwOk, Ma... 5 Fakta Unik Albert Einstein yg beLum Anda ketAhui. I did not come to the book with any sense of moral mission. Atlantis in the Pacific? He thinks the sandstone is a sacred edifice built by a hitherto unknown "new culture" possessing advanced technical abilities. It also tells me what my ‘job’ is – the job, in other words, that the public are funding me to do when they buy my books. No purchase necessary. Why shouldn’t our initial posture towards a problem like Yonaguni be one of intellectual generosity and open-mindedness — rather than one of pedantic, nit-picking meanness? I would therefore like to offer a challenge to Wolf Wichmann, or for that matter to any suitably qualified, scuba-diving geologist – or preferably to a team involving both a geologist and an archaeologist (both of whom must be competent scuba divers and both of whom should already have formed the opinion that the Yonaguni structures are natural). This mysterious monument has been the cause of scares and flash headlines for months on end. Yonaguni Jima is an island that lies near the southern tip of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) off the eastern coast of Taiwan. Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by grass man420, Nov 14, 2011. This is not a sudden conversion. Brewers and Japan Airlines are on the bandwagon of the sub-aqueus Babylon in the Far east. At other websites the crag becomes a "ceremonial centre with broad promenades, flanked by pylon gateways. © 2020 Atlas Obscura. Although Rudgley accuses me and Robert Bauval of having built "castles in the sands of Egypt" with our books, his own supposedly more sober approach provides masses of compelling evidence for a point we have long argued – namely that modern man is a creature with amnesia with extensive blank patches in his memory covering long periods of his past. Gas dalam usus berasal dari udara yg kita telan, gas yg nerobos ke usus dari darah, gas da... Cara Sadis Pembuatan "Foei Gras" Makanan Mewah Dari Hati Angsa, WaLking CatFish, Lele yg bS berJaLan di Daratan, Cave of Swallows, Gua Dengan Poros Terbesar Di Dunia, Setting Place of Sanctum Movie, Cerita Cinta dan Pengkhianatan Di Balik Taj Mahal, Krak Des Chevaliers, saLah satu Benteng tErkuat pada jAman pErtengahan. I checked out the page and read the whole back and forth between the 2 people.

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