Later, he is the team biggest supporter. Fox and Miss Rose” starring Ren You Lun and Zhang Ya Qing. Your heart will definitely melt when you witness the way Lu Yi looks at Jin Xia with his warm and otherworldly gaze. Accept Read More, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion Chinese Drama. TEAM 1-COIN (2008)The natural-born leader Xiao Feng, as the captain, together with his close game buddy Xu Wei (Liu Shuai Liang) formed Team 1-Coin and soon joined by the hot-headed Qi Lin (Yang Kai Cheng), the reluctantly-married Hou Zhi (Liu Yang), the youngster Ah Ming (Francis Huang), and later the crazy Chang Sha (Song Jia Teng). blacksesame88 is a long-time Asian drama and entertainment addict. A broke and timid nerd on her way to completing her university thesis, An Lan is Xiao Feng’s housemate at odds. Is this drama better or not compared to the others?

Hey Soompiers, what dramas are you watching this summer? Initially, Lin Miao sees Jiao Yang as an immature young guy, but over time she realizes he’s actually an intelligent, loving, and devoted man. (Please put as spoilers if needed). Growing up in a matriarchal tribe, Xing Yue is fiercely independent, strong, outspoken, and does not know how to tell lies. ❓Do you have recommendations of gaming/E-sport dramas for non-fans like me? ✅ Story: Nicely build-up thriller and time-altering towards the end, ✅ Theme: Always love the parallel world/time travelling, ✅ Setting: I mostly loved the 2008 scene-setting, ✅ Good editing alternating between 2008 and 2019 settings, ✅ Bromance, sismance, romance, friendship, family, ✅ Good acting of both main leads and supporting, ✅ Nice tribute to Chinese E-game champions at the end of the final episode, One Year Down The Dramaland Rabbit Hole: Lessons Learned, CROSS FIRE: A Gaming/E-sport Drama Everyone Can Enjoy. Any favorite character(s) or scene(s)? As many of us are stuck home these days, it’s not surprising broadcasters chose to release more shows during this time. Start watching “The Romance of Tiger and Rose”: Another fun drama to add to your list is the modern romance, “Mr. Set during the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi (Ren Jia Lun) is the head of the Embroidered Uniform Guards, and he is commissioned by the Emperor to investigate the crime of missing government funds that were set aside to repair the Yangzhou River. If you’re feeling overwhelmed from all the drama options, then your feeling is valid, because so far, twice as many C-dramas have aired this year compared to 2019. Eventually, Chu Ge joined as their Team Manager. They wonderfully portray a romantic relationship that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. First of all, I am not a gaming/e-sport drama fan. Desperate for survival, Chen Xiao Qian does whatever she can to not die and find her way back home. With the whole ongoing pandemic, I’ve naturally had more time to watch many of the latest C-dramas that have been released this year. When they found out that they both are struggling captains of their respective teams, they help each other with team issues. Although the drama is an investigative crime procedural, the biggest draw of “Under the Power” is the romance and incredible chemistry between our leads, Jin Xia and Lu Yi. Fox and Miss Rose” is definitely our female lead Xing Yue, who has hilarious antics as she learns to adapt to the modern world. Both are always willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the other, and their love for each other is incredibly sincere and moving. They way the camera captured Tang Xue speed skating or Li Yu Bing shooting a puck is completely exhilarating and fast-paced, making it feel like you’re on the ice with them. Together they form a great team as they face various corporate obstacles thrown at them courageously and smartly. Having read the game and my introductions, still, the question remains: what is interesting about the drama that you as non-gaming/e-sport drama watchers can enjoy, anyway? Xiao Qian is mysteriously transported into the pages of her own story, and she has become the Third Princess, Chen Qian Qian, a minor character who is supposed to die in the third episode.

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