I keep getting the following error message when I open the app "ERROR Unable to download weather data". average: 5.00 out of all other native In this case, we suggest using Auslogics BoostSpeed. other javascripts work on other websites. What should I do? I've noticed the local radar hasn't been working for about a week, not sure if it was after an update or not, anyone else having this issue? Using Wunderstation and Wunderground as well as the native BOM app. Agreed – offers more local reports from home Wx stations nearby, but still has accurate forecasts for larger towns and cities around the world, along with radar and 'live' satellite images. Weatherzone is Australia’s favourite weather app. I've noticed the new app seems to update more frequently (every 10 minutes roughly) whereas the old plus one was only every half hour. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to identify my current location. No worries, you still have a few more options to choose from. This app gives you the current weather, daily hi/low and sunrise sunset times in a nice looking interface. http://jmbh.org/weather/index.htm. On my new Apple Watch Series 3, the temperature portion of my watch face isn't updating. I wrote to them about this bug and found that it is a long standing one but they have no intention to fix it (in my opinion showing an unnecessary US-based bias). apps are working correctly, IT HAS BEEN UPDATED FROM THE STORE WITHOUT ISSUES ( before I'm given that option by someone helpful ), but the same issue remains, it briefly opens and then closes... oddly the weather tile shown from the start button shows weather info so it is kind of working. Says that the forecast is for the Central District which is north of Melbourne. Thankfully, this is not something you have to endure for the rest of your life. Probably a glitch, though. Like any other program on this system, the Weather app is also prone to issues and errors. Luckily, Oz Weather Plus still works, and the developer of that app not only has never tried to rip anyone off, he continues to run the servers for the app even though he no longer sells it. If you are big into customizing your Watch faces, Carrot has some useful features, and their watch face is customizable. Not sure where you are but I read in, I think a NSW paper recently various radars were going off line for a while due to being upgrades. Do you have any questions about this article? Restart your computer, then check if the Weather app is working. I'm in Melbourne, it's working ok on the desktop site, weird. How satisfied are you with this response? How to fix Microsoft Weather App not working? If your station uploads to a certain date, and its not yet that date over there... it makes sense that it would not show in advance. However the structure and alignment of the design looks messy and confused. From the app store you can get Wunderstation for iPad, and a cut down version for your iPhone. Also, the Watch app didn't install. Right-click the tile, then click Resize. Just weather now, min and max and expected graph for temp and rain. Thats when I started looking for alternatives. If you don't like the layout etc, just enable the widget and use that. Edit:- Seems to be mainly problem with getting "Melbourne" weather- Other locations seem working this morning (not last night)- The old Weatherzone Plus app works fine with all locations. Just 'upgraded' to the new version and it's pretty crap. Select Downloads and Updates from the options. Problems here also in WA. ", I'm glad "somebody" raised a support ticket. This thread being bumped reminds me that last week, I did get a notification on my phone saying that the subscription price was going to increase – this was on iOS 14 beta though, so perhaps that's a new feature in that version. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! If you want accurate local weather (and some forecasting depending on the station) I reckon its a bit hard to beat. Yep – I came here to alert people to the exact same thing after noticing that first they switched out the price, and now have set the existing subscription to expire at the end of the 12 months – and auto-set the triple-price option as the rollover. Help us improve this article with your feedback. Check Accuweather's 7 day forecast, then watch as each day arrives to see the mis-predicted max temps creep towards the actual temps experienced on the day (the one at the airport, of course). As we all know, it can be annoying when you can’t tell how the weather will go for the rest of the day. I wonder how they would fix that. If you’ve tried our previous solutions and the Weather app is still malfunctioning, we recommend resetting it as a final action. What are daily summaries and how do you find them? Looks like some problems with the site since it has been upgraded. Just out of interest I installed and it's the same as the old app for me in that the GPS is haywire. I've already got an ad-free subs. Simple. I paid for WZ+ back in early 2010 so don't mind paying $2 for ad free on the new one – have a year to determine if worth keeping. I was confused at the start but manage to get there and got around use to it. I am having issues with all of the few locations that I usually check. I wonder how they would fix that. Crashed last night for both Android and iOS apps, Android app now working intermittently, iOS app still won't load at all. IN the meantime, on my ipad Wunderstation, I find that its accurate enough for me, and even though today is only yesterday over there... the local temps look pretty accurate to me. Great! Can I change the area I get Bureau of Meteorology warnings for? All other apps know where I live. http://help.weatherzone.com.au/support/solutions/articles/4000100467-is-it-possible-to-remove-advertisements-. What does the triangle in the top right corner mean? It appears that there are still issues with this app. Yeah, I know. Its not that it displays incorrect data, it just doesnt display anything at all. I wonder how they would fix that. I disabled the Intro Panel, aka, the big picture, in the settings. You can also subscribe to email or SMS notifications. The app has not added any value to justify such an increase, let alone a stealth one. You are right: you can only disable the "Intro Panel" if you have one of the subscriptions. How do I navigate around the app? Amazingly accurate too, in my experience. How to remove the ‘This video is taking longer than expected to load’ error message? Scroll screen down and all the same info is there in a better format. As a result, I plan to get one of my own. The bug was fixed when the driver is uninstalled from add/remove programs control panel. windows store also briefly opens and then closes like the weather app in 3 different pc's. PM me and I can point you to some resources. Are Bureau of Meteorology warnings included? For anyone that wants the old paid version back go into App Store > Updates > Purchased > Not on this iPhone (or iPad) > find the app in list > tap download button. What are rainfall bulletins and how do you find them? It has always been a paid for feature for the state radar lightning tracker. Home » How to Fix Problems with Weather app on Apple Watch (Alternative apps). Why can’t these weather apps just show weather details ? Might try reinstalling the app. Anyone having problem with the Weatherzone app not able to get weather update? Smoother, faster, better radar plots, more intuitive. This style of map. You can manually switch SIMs by dialing this code *#*#794824746#*#* in the phone app. This will launch the Settings app. And, of course, I'll be cancelling my subscription. 3. Later in the day, you regret wearing something thin because it starts to get uncomfortably chilly. Every time I view a different page I am asked to login. No. The address domain (the bit after the "@") must be whitelisted in our system.

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