In Hangul form: First attested in the Yongbi eocheonga (龍飛御天歌 / 용비어천가), 1447, as Middle Korean 우리 (Yale: wuli). I greatly appreciate and love both of them. However, 우리는 (Urineun), 우린(Urin) are other ways it’s been said. Change ). | [Word of the DAy], 진짜 (CHINCHA) VS 정말 (JEONGMAL) | [WORD OF THE DAY], 왜그래 (wae geurae), 왜 안돼 (wae andwae) [Word of the Day Series], 이게 뭐죠 (ige mwojyo), 이고 뭐야 (igo mwoya) 뭐야 이게(mwoya ige) [Word of the Day Series], "좋아하다 (joahada)" "자기야 (jagiya)", "여보 (yeobo)" [Word of the Day + New Series?? Please check your inbox for your confirmation email.

It’s a way of saying “we” as the topic and it can also mean, “we are” or “we’re”. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. Annyeonghaseyo! This short but strong name, commonly heard in Israel, has a lot of crossover potential, and is among the most usable on the minuscule menu of U names. From Old Korean 吾里 (*WUli), from Old Korean 又 (*wu) + unknown suffix *-li. (hagwone gamnida.) (eonniga hotello omnida.) You don’t really need to worry about this pronoun because it’s usually dropped in conversation. In many cases, you cannot directly translate the meaning of ... My name is Kyung-Hwa, and I am a native of South Korea. Both forms mean ‘they’ or ‘them.’  The third person plural masculine form is kudul (그들) while the third person plural feminine form is ku-nyuh-dul (그녀들).

Both mean ‘you,’ but there’s a catch here. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

From Middle Korean 우리, from Old Korean 吾里 (*WUli), from Old Korean 又 (*wu) + unknown suffix *-li. It’s usually obvious when you’re talking to someone (through eye contact) and so you really don’t need the ‘you’ to address someone. 5: Possession Particles [Grammar of the Week] | Twenty Third Station, Album Spotlight | 화사 (Hwa Sa) “Maria” [EP], Reading and Listening in Korean Practice | iKON-ON: Bobby & Ju-Ne ‘깊은 밤’ MAKING FILM, 보다 (boda) “Large vs. Small” | [Word of the Day] + Grammar Tip, KOREAN LANGUAGE LEARNING APPS, ARE THEY USEFUL?| FOREIGN LANGUAGE TIP, …갈 수 있어요? ( Log Out /  This sentence can also read as “Do you remember the time spent with us?” Though, that one isn’t as clear as the first translation, but it shows how “우리 (Uri)” can also be used to mean “us”. The WOTD is actually 우리 (Uri). The video is completely in Korean but it has built-in subtitles, that are in Korean to help you follow along if you’re working on listening and/or reading.

Human translations with examples: uri, type, classy, langaw, adjective, ideal type, uri ng tao, right type, screw type. Juhi (저희) means “we” or “us” or “our.”  The plural first person pronoun on the informal level is uri (우리).

( Log Out /  And this is no different, especially if you’re a fan of iKON. Then we would say, 우리는 (Urineun).

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