Be sure to talk to your health care provider about your due date. Although this may seem like a long list, this is really just the start. Please log in again. Subscribe to get our latest content deliver to your email. Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant: Is it Safe? Did you just find out that you are pregnant with triplets? This way we could have a six hour sleep before the next feed. Check with your multiple birth group, local council, in-home care, service group, friends, family member, church, and neighbors to see if there is any help available for you. As a rule, pregnancy with triplets does not differ from the usual one during the first trimester. We ordered cots, a pram, and car seats at the last minute. These groups come with friendship, emotional support, social support through playgroups, family outings, nights out for mums and dads, and equipment hire may also be available. We joined the multiple birth association, a voluntary organization which provides support and information for multiple birth families.

I remember discussing my pregnancy, and the care of the babies after delivery. We needed an experienced doctor, as being pregnant with multiples can often be complicated. Every pregnancy is unique and your baby will come when it's ready. It can be scary and overwhelming to find out that you are pregnant with triplets. All of these groups are great support. It is a good idea to write out all the questions you might have to ask your doctor. Don’t forget we still had time to organize all of this, as they would be in hospital’s nursery for a month after the birth! Thank you for reading my post, and please feel free to leave any comment or questions below. Find out who will be your doctor’s weekend cover, or who is on call in case of emergency. All the information and talk of preparation helped me relax a bit. Tips for Pregnancy & Labor! After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Listen to your body, and stop when you need to. Especially the big items, or things I would need many of for three babies. You will be busy looking after the triplets and all the attention (even from people in the street!)

The elevator seemed miles and miles away, but it actually wasn’t that far.

I wanted to keep them inside for as long as possible, so I had to listen to my body and stay positive for a healthy pregnancy. Though the 12-week mark (or about 3 months pregnant) really only applies to singletons, it’s far enough along, and so we aimed for that. We just wanted simple one syllable names, something that my family in Thailand could easily pronounce correctly, without any accent or language barrier. Some mums are happy to meet you from time to time just for a chat. Pregnant with Triplets – What to Prepare? As each week passed, the babies got bigger and I felt more and more uncomfortable. I think at first I thought that pregnancy is a condition not an illness and I shouldn’t make it into that by ‘giving in’. Themes When it gets very close to your possible delivery time, consider your doctor’s holidays and covering arrangement. We wanted to wait to get past a certain number of weeks before we told family and friends. Try to relax, take a deep breath, and take the process one day at a time.

Women pregnant with triplets should expect to see their doctor every two weeks, says Dr. Dimitry Zilberman, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Danbury, Connecticut. We were thinking about their names early in my pregnancy.

It was really hard for me to walk as I was often short of breath.

Triplet Pregnancy Bed Rest- 5 Surviving Tips, 10 Triplet Pregnancy Facts You Should Know, A Journey of My Triplet Pregnancy – Week by Week, Best Organic Baby Products: Gift Ideas Crunchy Mom Approved, 10 Reasons You Are Lucky To Have Triplets. As it is a high risk to be pregnant with triplets, I didn’t want to buy anything until they were born. Reading the progress in the week by week pregnancy guide was wonderful. This happened just in case we needed this specialized care, but in our case, it turned out to be unnecessary. However, when I was at 33 weeks, it was a long weekend public holiday, and if something unexpected were to happen during this time, I wouldn’t have the team of my doctor (it would be the weekend cover’s team). I spent almost seven weeks on bed rest in the hospital, turning into an eating machine as I had to eat all day- breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper! With a highly complicated triplet pregnancy, you don’t want to not be able to fly back home and then have to give birth at your holiday destination instead. What Do You Do if your Doctor Recommends a Fetal Reduction? There is no certainty or safe zone with triplets. The login page will open in a new tab. I did not work throughout my pregnancy, and I had my husband accompany me on all of my visits to the doctors and the hospital. We also joined the local branch and paid a membership fee. The body is starting up a new role, to grow a baby, but with a triplet pregnancy, all the pregnancy … It’s a good idea to speak with your family and friends, and ask them to spread the attention to your older children when possible. It is at this time that future mother learns about her new state. You might have estimated your due date (40 weeks from LMP and first trimester ultrasound measurement). 4-8 weeks. I wanted to keep them inside for as long as possible, so I had to listen to my body and stay positive for a healthy pregnancy. I asked the hospital staff to bring me a wheelchair. You have to be careful when speaking Thai, as you might be trying to say “mother” but instead it will come out as “dog” or “horse”. Many moms of triplets deliver by Cesarean section, but there are a few who may deliver vaginally. Make sure to arrange for your older children to have their normal routines continued, such as sports activities and outings. I read and rested up when needed. My delivery date was aimed for 34 weeks. On average only 5% of births take place exactly on the estimated due date. Copyright text 2017 by tripletsmum. People react in many different ways to the news of triplets, some of which can be distressing, so we needed to be prepared! Once he saw me suffering, I was ordered to be admitted to the hospital on that same day. - Duration: 19:00. The benefit of a group like this is not just the information. But just as 95 percent of all singleton births fail to fall on their due date, you shouldn’t count on your D-day hitting the bull’s-eye either. One day I went for an ultrasound and antenatal visit. Surprise Triplet Gender Reveal - Duration: 3:37. I needed to be able to trust my doctor and know that me and the babies were in good hands. Eventually we landed on their names. Sleep deprivation causes fatigue and sleepiness, and you don’t want these when you need to look after the three babies all at once. He is truly fantastic, and has delivered many, many sets of twins and triplets. While waiting for this time to pass, you can plan a holiday! You’ve seen the pregnancy calendars (40 weeks’ worth). You can take this as a last chance to do some things you enjoy before the babies arrive, as you won’t have time after that, believe me! It took us a long time to get to our car that day! Don’t forget to check your doctor’s fee structure. You will find a huge range of experienced members that have been through something similar. This helped to extend the gestational period of my pregnancy. We have Private Health Insurance and strongly recommend to have one in a situation like ours (IVF and multiple birth). Congratulations and all the best! The best thing that you can do for your triplet babies is relax, eat well, and prepare as much as possible. The average gestational period (length of pregnancy) of a triplet delivery is about 33 weeks, although some do progress to 40 weeks.

That would have been too painful for me personally. We had a holiday at 17 weeks, after my doctor said it was fine for me to fly (from a medical perspective). At the next antenatal visit, I arranged to see the doctor in a hospital’s wheelchair. I needed to sit down after walking a few steps. You’re very welcome. How are you feeling? We thought of using Thai names, but after letting my husband say them out loud, I didn’t think it was a good idea!

A normal pregnancy can last anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks. Many women when they first get pregnant, feel tired. After we came out from the doctor’s office, we had to walk to the carpark, which was only a few step from the doctor’s door.

Most are born within a week either side of the estimated due date.

| Powered by WordPress. After 20 weeks, it is not recommended for you to travel.

Pregnancy with Triples: Trimester by Trimester The First trimester. Sometimes they have buddy program, where they pair you to other triplet mums, who you can talk to about their experiences and method of coping, while answering any questions you may have. Thank you so much!!!

I know that a triplet pregnancy is a high risk the whole way through. We prepared for the storm of questions and reactions that would fly at us when we announced our news.

We didn’t set up their room at all until the last month of my pregnancy. The last trimester can be very tiring and painful! At 26 weeks, I had significant weight gain (+20kgs) and the resultant fatigue set in.

I read and rested up when needed. Then there are things to buy like nursery and equipment, and clothing and bedding. pregnancy diet, or what to eat when pregnant, nursery and equipment, and clothing and bedding, the initial needs we prepared for the triplets, Recovering in Style: Finding the Best Postpartum Belly Wrap. In those early days it was such a lifesaver! I had lovely volunteer ladies come twice a week for a few hours, to help out with whatever I needed at the time. Husband finds out he's having triplets! It’s funny that now when people ask for their name, I still say them in their birth order, I think I just got used to it.

Take the time to find a specialist who's experienced in multiple pregnancies, and keep in mind you'll be scheduled for more prenatal visits, more tests, and more scans than you would during a regular pregnancy. Take my name, for example. Check your due date and see if your doctor will be away on vacation, so that you can arrange something before hand. Early on, when it was three hourly feed and we hardly had any long solid sleep, I asked the volunteer lady to help bathe and feed the triplets with one of us (me or my husband), while the other one (normally me) had a round of sleep.

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