These 8 Books will Help Increase Your Environmental Awareness, 'Each good poem is a glass of wine, really', How to Conduct a Same-sex Wedding Based on Indian Rituals, How Lata Mangeshkar Became the Queen of Indian Concerts Abroad. Where is he?’, ‘He is okay,’ I said. I am telling few of them: People celebrate this festival as killing of demon king Narakasur. What she said was true, and a few years back it might even have pained me, but now I felt like asking her, ‘Why didn’t you do things differently, Mummy? I put a hand on his shoulder. To study, to learn something about the world that could be used to earn some money – that was the only way to escape the pettiness of Muzaffarnagar. But, well, panic and prejudice make one do things.

All of a sudden, Father regained control of the situation. He had been prisoned by a Mogul emperor. Mother interrupted my thoughts. ‘Where is he?’ Father asked the lady. You can’t deal with my college and his retirement at the same time.’. ‘What is my life worth?’ she said. All of the simple rituals of Diwali have a significance and a story behind them. But he could talk, argue, manipulate.

After that battle intensified. ‘Don’t you like girls?’ I found myself saying. ‘You are not a top bureaucrat,’ I said, almost instinctively. There are so many rash drivers on the roads. Near Soojdo Choongi.’. ‘Let me and Kanu go and get the stuff,’ I offered. ‘Are you hurt?’. She sat with her back against the headboard. ‘I cause so much loss.’ Contrition following rage – this was a common thing with him. ), Three-time winner of the 'Publisher of the Year' award. Then I heard Father enter through the gate that separated the verandah from the backyard. I wanted to say that I had fucked with a white woman more than a thousand times over the past four years, that caste didn’t mean shit to me, that their world didn’t make sense to me and it probably already didn’t make sense to Kanu. Why do you talk to her now?’, ‘She called to wish Diwali, Mummy,’ I said.

My mind circled for some time around the word ‘like’. “Chi… chi… chi… he… he… hi… hi… kids, do not be scared. ‘And this old man doesn’t die. The man came back and took the money from me without any expression. He chose not to answer, and I chose to repeat the question in a harsher voice. ‘We are at the Circular Road chauraha. Or my mother’s. ‘He was with me because we like each other.’. I agreed with Kanu. I also thought about Delhi – if I lived there, I would be within my parents’ grasp. Diwali, the festival of light, is celebrated in India from mid October to Mid November. I was looking at her Facebook pics, the ones I had taken in a hotel room in Nusa Dua, Bali, when the call came. ‘Congress is screwing this country,’ he said then, loudly, as only a deaf man can. A woman dressed in an elaborately embroidered red sari stood next to the motorbike. I don’t think he was part of the script.

I cut it and went back to my business. #StoriesCreateBooks Then Mother entered the room, following the script almost perfectly. Show me, are you hurt anywhere? The festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness. It was a call I had been desperate for, for months. When the call was cut, she said, ‘You wasted four years with her in Mumbai. ‘Was he the one driving?’, ‘So?

( Log Out /  We were all tired of him. You let others drive the scooter I bought for you? I heard something in the scooter rattle unpleasantly. But the man is asking for money now.’, ‘Hain?’ my mother exclaimed, rising from the plastic chair she was sitting on. ‘There is a proposal from a very good family,’ Father said. It didn’t help that he was only seventeen, with hormones gushing through him like drugs, a body of rage and urges. Satyabhama became very angry seeing her husband fainted in battle field and took the charge. The man asked for a thousand rupees to repair the damage to his motorbike. ‘You have to meet her,’ Mother said.

‘Kanu is in trouble,’ I announced straightaway. ‘Arun will be fine,’ Father said then. It’s going to be easy. ‘How badly?’ I asked, washing my hands and looking into the mirror above the washbasin. ( Log Out /  I need to glide my broom carefully because kids are firing crackers and rockets in the sky. This festival is … Seeing us, mother started her monologue. Thousands of years ago, in the city of Ayodhya, there was a wise and good king named Dasaratha who ruled along with … ‘When will you learn to respect money?’ she shouted. There was no alarm on my face.

‘Do we have crackers for the night?’ I asked Kanu. 10 Witty Comebacks to the Question We Love to Hate: Koi Good News? ‘Love calling …’ it said. Books, stories and storytelling. He would hide his liquor in the tiny storeroom beside the main bedroom, and after nine he would go there with a large glass. Except when he is drunk, which was happening on a daily basis that week.

She stayed silent. I glanced at Kanu and felt a pang of guilt for what I had done.

But I was not going to be the one to fight on the road. And why not, festivals are the time when we can get our budding brains acquainted with the history, rich culture we have, in a fun and really impressive manner. It is so beautiful to see it from sky. Posted on January 30, 2018 February 2, 2018 by Harper Broadcast.

Father said that Arun would be under observation for a few days.

I cut the call. Diwali in Muzaffarnagar: A Short Story by Tanuj Solanki. Arun, meanwhile, smiled at me wistfully while pressing his head with his palm. I took Kanu’s Activa, which gave no hint of having been involved in an accident. A few minutes passed in peace. They are very interested.’. And that she hadn’t cleaned it. ‘What is my life worth if the two of you act like this?

I guess it was this identification with my brother’s feelings that made me go closer to them. I kept staring at the ceiling fan, but from the corner of my eye I could see them hugging. Papa doesn’t talk much. I gave him new pyjamas and helped him get here. I was in the toilet, the common toilet between my parents’ bedroom – only in name, because they haven’t slept together for fifteen years – and the room that houses my ailing grandfather.

Here, we have written around 300 words average size essay on Diwali for the primary classes like 3, 4, 5, etc. ‘Ask him,’ Father said loudly, pointing towards Kanu. Your uncles have all made their mahals. ‘But it doesn’t look like it will need a thousand rupees,’ Father argued. This was Kanu’s best friend, a thin, sickly boy named Arun. ‘Little Bro calling …’ it showed on the screen. It rattled loudly, but still worked. Diwali is the Festival of Lights celebrated in India. After his release, Guru Har Govind went straight to the foremost Sikh holy temple, Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, in Amritsar to pray. An excerpt from 'Ants Among Elephants', An Introduction to 'Wild Words: Four Tamil Poets', The Girl with Long Hair: A Story from 'Written in Tears', 5½ Things You Didn't Know about Rajesh Khanna. You only had plans for him, and he did everything by himself. And this is quite obvious that people do take this festival as India’s pride.

The chair fell to the floor.

They never try any of that stuff themselves.

I thought about this. I am your friend Die Hexe.

This was Muzaffarnagar. I had to say something, but, unclear of my own feelings, I ended up talking of money. In Delhi, I would meet the girl whose family had members in the bureaucracy. ‘Bhaiyya …’ my brother Kanu said. The idea of going to my brother’s rescue alone did cross my mind. We celebrate this day as day of freedom, day of nirvana, day of enlightenment, and day of triumph of good over evil. She wouldn’t impress me much, and I would tell my parents so. Grandfather showed no signs of having heard that. I took the call without changing my position on the bed. While dying, Narakasur requested a boon from his incarnated parents to celebrate his death with colourful lights on the earth. Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali. ‘Yes. Mumbai can never match Muzaffarnagar in this. This shocked Kanu, and he stared back at me like he would kill me. We waited at least five minutes for the assaulter to arrive.

I have lots of interesting posts and activities about the story of Diwali including an introduction to “What is Diwali,” books, kids rangoli art, easy Indian sweets, decorating thali plates, diya craft, and all about rangoli.

‘Harbir, I love Tarun the most among all my grandchildren.’ There were ten of us – the grandchildren. I got out of the toilet on my parents’ bedroom side. I tried giving the money to the woman but she refused to touch it. Except perhaps for the fact that it allowed me an upper hand in domestic quarrels, which I had to face no more than twice a year, during the annual Holi and Diwali holidays when I returned to Muzaffarnagar. ‘I would have bought the sweets and crackers later,’ Kanu said gruffly. Tanuj’s first novel, Neon Noon, was also published by HarperCollins. Riot-prone-piece-of-shit town. A slight breeze had picked up, and the wind in my hair made me forget the question. Father asked me to sit on a chair. The Ancient Origins of Diwali, India’s Biggest Holiday. Is the other man hurt? ‘And my last wish is to be alive for Tarun’s marriage.’. ‘I have no thoughts about marriage,’ I shouted into his right ear.

We were only expected to do our things well. ‘It would be best, Tarun beta,’ Grandfather addressed me now, ‘if you were to marry within the caste. It’s his father after all. He did relent finally. All of us then got out of the room and walked to the little temple that Mother had assembled just outside the kitchen. I could, but that never crossed anyone’s mind.

But I had no conception of how the situation could pan out differently.

‘Let’s do the pooja,’ Mother said, trying to scuttle the suggestion I had planted. He was son of Lord Vishnu and Earth. He was very hurt by seeing multitude of violence and decided to serve Lord Buddha and live his lessons for whole life. According to … Of all you men.’, I didn’t turn to look in her direction. I sighed. But wasn’t he was supposed to get sweets and crackers from Shiv Chowk? ‘Yes, go,’ Mother said. ‘I think he crashed with someone. He was sobbing. ‘You don’t have to worry about money, Kanu. ‘Bhaisaab, it is Diwali time,’ the man said. The awareness of the geography of this phone call – from Interlaken to Muzaffarnagar – saddened me somehow. Definite clot in the brain. It seemed that only our parents were expected to provide for our grandfather’s welfare. ‘Let’s have the pooja.’. Kanu and I were not expected to do a thing; not even serve him food. But such consolation requires hugging, which requires touching the other person’s shoulders. I can see this is not a small matter.’, I rose up from the bed.

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