"Puts the wealth of the world's richest into dizzying perspective." And if he literally decided to one day make it all liquid, he'd quickly see all of his net worth falling down as fears in the stocks he have cause it to go down before he even is able to go through it lmao. You Are Jeff Bezos, a new choose-your-own adventure Twine gameby Kris Ligman, explores exactly this.

If you inherited Amazon’s CEO fortune to become the wealthiest person in the world, how would you spend the money? In the game’s “true” ending—i.e., you spent your bail money on a noble cause—you wake up after spending every red cent of Bezos’s money as… Elon Musk.

Starbuck Grande caffè latte $ 4. Does buying twitter and banning trump count? Liquidity is the actual cash on hand. I'm no economist or know about finance, but even I know what that means. does anybody know how many endings there are? That jawline? Is there a way to pay the 1.5 trillion dollar option at the start or am I hitting restart for no reason? The true ending... Dear god, what did I do to deserve this! Got me swoonin'. Look what you've made me do! Please consider leaving a tip or supporting the creator on Patreon.

At least the comments have provided me with more interactivity than this game has given me. When I wrote that reply I wasn't even old enough to vote. You still wake up as a “monstrous vermin” in the game, but it’s Jeff Bezos. It’s a bit of wish-fulfillment as well, because for all of his billions, Bezos is infamously charity-averse. And no, in this game you are not spending his money because he doesn't literally have 156 billion in liquid, that is an amount of physical cash that not even Jeff has. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Hi, glad you had fun reading this comment! hell yeah. Version 1.7 is live - small text revisions. I really really enjoyed playing it! Sell Buy 0. x Merch. Awesome game, just don't like you insulting our dank lord Elon Musk. And no, in this game you are not spending his money because he doesn't literally have 156 billion in liquid, that is an amount of physical cash that not even Jeff has. If you're having trouble getting the above embed to run on your device, you can also play the game on Philome.la! Nobody should be drowning in more money than theyd ever need in a lifetime while there are people starving and homeless. Boomer? Update: This article was updated with comment from Kris Ligman.

You Are Jeff Bezos has an absurdist bent to it, as the player is eventually arrested along with some baristas and you’re faced with a choice: Do you spend the rest of your money to bail yourself out, or do you use your phone call to go on one last civic-minded splurge? This was extremely cathartic. Version 1.6 is now live - now you can track endings. Enjoy prison, ******! Not that I expected it to not be fun, I expected it to be fun but I didn't expect to still be smiling 10 minutes afterwards. this made me quite angry so i had to add it to my collection, thank you. Here is the gameplay of it! This is barely a choose your own adventure book, it's just a shitty communist fiction article.Also very funnily, this game tries to show how amazing he is that he could be funding NASA and shit, and uh, he did turn some of his money liquid for the very purpose of funding space related shit that involves donating a lander to NASA so I find that fun. actual socialists are uninterested in the wealthy lifestyle and believe this absurd decadence is beyond immoral, it's not sustainable.

The game is basically a teachable moment about how much wealth billionaires have and how it could be used to better society rather than line their pockets. You can’t fix everything the game throws at you with Jeff Bezos’ money alone. Once you do, the secret endings all branch off from that point.I went digging through the code and found an early "if money = $0" flag that tipped me off to this -- never would have figured it out, otherwise. Book $ 20. Yes its unrealistic, but so is waking up in the body of some dumb rich fuck. MERCH $ 110,900,000,000 left.

But there’s a point at which this transformation spins off its axis into something grotesque and unfathomable. Lack of ethics aside, Jeff Bezos do be kinda hot tho. I love the idea that there are different ones; I want to replay soon and see what else I can get. fr tho, this was sick and it made me feel sick, I've never had a text based adventure game ever make me feel anything other than boredom, fuckin kudos bro.

This comment section makes me wanna uninstall my ability to read. I hope you all enjoy it! Billionaires could do so much good with their wealth. Actually yeah, your right, I did not play this game. It seems pretty clear you didn't even try NOT to spend Jeff Bezos' money, because the game itself makes this point if you do. "If you spend some more time with it—there are multiple endings and a few 'hidden' options which only pop up under certain conditions—I'm hoping you'll start to see just how out of proportion a billionaire's wealth really is.". I usually don't reply to dead posts, but when I do it's to point out the hypocrisy of defending Stalin and socialism at the same time. Yes I did, and I understand the point of the game and more importantly read what people have said about it. Read More: Jeff Bezos Should Give Me Some Money. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money.".

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