I could be right, I could be wrong. The biggest question, however, is how much racism is actually present in America today? For those who benefit from a certain social system, any considerable departure from homogenized beliefs and practices that serve their identity is met with bewilderment, contempt, and antagonism. While I do not consider myself an expert on personal security, I know enough to have strong opinions. The case has fueled nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. The condemnation of police brutality is only part of it. Whatever your training, you should view any invitation to violence as an opportunity to die—or to be sent to prison for killing another human being. However, instruction in self-defense need not consume your life. Police brutality is a small problem Racism is a significant problem Wealth and income inequality are HUGE problems. As previously stated, Harris is able to ferret out various nuances of prejudice and oppression related to the scope of his own identities. Harris decided on a sparring partner that allowed him to mainly pontificate unchecked and devalue enduring systemic issues intrinsic to the state of Black America. (No one calls the police to say “Everything is still okay!”) Yet it was uncanny to discover the chaos that lurked at the margins of my daily routine. That guy is seeking an exemption from the moral judgement of others for having what he knows the others know to be unacceptable positions and he's declaring some kind of fig leaf here.". “We don’t shoot to kill; we shoot to stop,” Huber said. Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism, 11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism, Black Lives Matter has described as "patently false. The primary goal of self-defense is to avoid becoming the victim of violence. weird buffalo. In fact, the cops joked as Timpa pleaded. The PC / intersectional / SJ warriors claim that - for example - a white man cannot have a valid opinion concerning these protests. “If you have 13 percent of the population responsible for 50 percent of the murders, and in some cities committing two-thirds of all violent crime — what percent of police attention should it attract,” Harris asks. Fighting racism is a valid and extremely important activity, but I would say that racism does not pose an existential threat to society. That doesn't make them unreasonable, that makes them healthy human beings with the capacity to experience a full range of human emotions. In my experience, which may or may not be representative, the first group is very small. It is. Taylor family attorney Sam Aguiar said the release of the police files was “long overdue.” But mine is a considered opinion, and when I’m told that I can’t voice it “because privilege”, it seems to me that we’re just jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. But many of the things we most need to talk about, seem impossible to talk about. But what about his 1967 speech: “The Other America:”. We would like to institute some reforms,” and the response from the other demographic is “You are delusional. However, there are times when racism isn’t present in hostile encounters towards black people, hence one of Harris’s presuppositions: “Do we have reason to believe that if Floyd had been white, that he wouldn’t have died in a similar way?”. In The Context Of Contemporary Urban Life, P.S. But Harris being uncritical of these things doesn't make him a villain. They're saying not responding to police in an ideal, respectable manner doesn't warrant an extrajudicial death penalty. Yeah, we know. another source of anxiety). Aug. 23, 2016, 11:27 PM UTC / Updated Aug. 24, 2016, 12:14 AM UTC By Phil Helsel I do enjoy fighting against this ultimate wickedness and ultimate stupidity. Sometimes it’s because they are in the presence of racism, and sometimes it only seems that way.”. The purpose of his verbal challenge was to get you to respond in such a way as to make him feel justified in attacking you. They're justifiably upset because of cases like the white woman (suspected car thief) in Los Angeles who led police on a wild chase, stopped, got out of vehicle blasting music, ignored the cops, fumbled about and danced to the music, got back into the car and chilled, was apprehended alive, and able to have her day in court. For a discussion meant to cover "racism, police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and related topics," Harris and Loury unsurprisingly devoted a considerable chunk of time retreading the "black-on-black crime" narrative. Anti-racism and the delusional thoughts on murder and crime in the US are the new illusion. If you want to preserve your health and stay out of prison, you must learn to avoid or defuse conflict of this kind. When Harris and those of his ilk wax on about how they detest identity politics, what they're really saying is they disapprove of any attempt to decenter the mainstream narratives that serve them. Once you escape and are in a safe place, by all means call the police. And in that same light, there are people, videlicet social media influencers, and those on the far left who are calling everything racist; or labeling basic human rights and behaviors as coming from a place of “white privilege.”, Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender told CNN that fears of dismantling local police forces come from a “place of privilege.”. They don’t want to get into a shooting.”, A recent Washington Post headline read: “Protests spread over police shootings. People outraged that people like Tanisha Anderson, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, Natasha McKenna, and Eric Harris were murdered aren't saying all the victims were "blameless." Deflection? (S. Strong. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name. Even if violence seems unavoidable, and you decide to strike preemptively, you should do so from a seemingly unaggressive posture, retaining the element of surprise. Video footage shows Blake getting shot in the back as he gets into the driver's seat of a vehicle. ", white woman (suspected car thief) in Los Angeles, white biker gangs can have a deadly brawl and shootout. Religious folk to Christopher Hitchens:  “Why don’t you just leave us alone? For most crime victims, their temporary cooperation backfired into full control over them. It’s the other who has rendered themselves incapable of dialogue, it’s the other who will not listen to reason and has no interest in facts. They were all perfectly justified? Harris himself says to even pose these questions the way he did, is viewed as obscene. Why shouldn’t I be able to walk wherever I want?” As it happened, this rhetorical question was answered almost immediately: My friend hadn’t ventured more than a hundred yards into the darkness of the park before he was confronted by three men, one of whom plunged a hypodermic needle into his thigh without a word.

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