If a heavy topspin exchange is taking place, you can slow down the pace of the point by executing a slice shot. Thanks as always! You need to be in such conditions where you have enough time to calmly execute your technique without rushing and, at the same time, be able to think about your body and make some corrections. Just as Greg mentioned, my wife and I are trying to resume…, Hi Tony Do you have any more information/links to the “feet screwing into the ground” in relation to golf? Any thoughts on that? The downward swing will naturally transition into an upward swing as it simply follows the natural swing path of your arm. If you play a fellow of roughly your skill level, they will only be able to control the ball well if they receive a nice ball. Good question that haunts so many of you. By hitting lots of balls at a low contact point, you will develop a much better ability to swing your racket like a weight. Simply put, you are using physics to help you create more forward momentum instead of doing everything yourself with your muscles. This got me into the habit of waiting for the ball or even backing away from it, which other people later commented on, advising me to move toward the ball. But this is definitely up there for me as a special experience,” Federer said. It builds a strong, biomechanically sound foundation that will not break down later on in the first situation where you won’t be positioned perfectly or don’t receive the ball at perfect height. But, one of the main goals of standing 1.5‒2 meters behind the baseline is that you receive plenty of balls at a low contact point around your knee height or even lower.

a few short weeks? "It was great.

Because it’s the most effortless to hit the ball at that height…. If you plan to play a match with someone or even if you are going have a free hitting session, make sure that you begin the baseline rallies at low speeds and maintain them for at least 5 if not 10‒15 minutes. It does not need to reach them at high speed! As you know by now, you’ll need to focus on fundamental biomechanics of forehand and backhand groundstrokes as well as the rhythm and timing that control your movements in relation to the incoming ball.

This approach not only builds the technical foundation of your strokes but also your confidence. I am afraid you have been badly misinformed. Hold your ground at around 1.5–2 meters behind the baseline, and never move further back from there if you are in a cooperative tennis session.
Best, Q. OncourtOffcourt.com for Tennis and Fitness Training Aids! Thanks." And I don’t mean that they hit the ball too hard when they get a short ball and they try to hit a winner. Down a double break, Sabalenka roars back to deflate Gauff in Ostrava. 1200+ Join now. Same stance behind baseline for clay courts? Learning to develop a strong rally game is as important an aspect of a comprehensive tennis strategy as any other.

Yes, same distance. Tomaz Mencinger is a professional tennis coach currently living in Slovenia and offering private lessons to passionate players of all levels. It allows you to swing the racket downward with the help of gravity and develop one of the most fundamental elements of a tennis stroke—a swing. Federer got in on the action, rallying with the girls across the same rooftops.
I have to tell every single player that I work with to stand further behind the baseline.

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