really appreciate your work. I was wondering if you could give me some advice, thanks ! Required fields are marked *.

I downloaded the pack but all the international comp logos are missing? Anything else I could do? Check here : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Logos\Others\Competitions Internationales, Hello :) Thanks everyone for such a massive amount of work, much appreciated! I just hope they get a fix for it real soon. I followed all the steps one by one but not any logo installed.

Only. If you have the TCM20 and want to install the updates, nothing to delete, just copy / paste the updates as indicated in the instructions visible on this page. I dont seem to have all the logos at all. Just curious if there is a Logo for the new UEFA Conference League? This graphic pack is only intended for personal use within the game. When trying to extract or even open the files with WinRAR, it gives me two messages: No Archives Found. Check the installation location carefully (especially if it’s on Mac). Hey, I downloaded update 2 and am having to manually move the contents from the update to my graphics folder. There are no folders to create, only copy / paste in the right place.

Shop Brighton Hove Albion, Fulham, London

Have tried three times to download the logopack, nd have gotten an error messeage each time. there is no spanish and english league logos. ive been trying at this for over a day now so any help would be great!! Hi. I don’t have a solution for you …, When you will update Red Star Belgrade(Crvena Zvezda) logo?it has 3 stars now. Hello. Just wanted to share my experience in case it helps others.

Download the brilliant TCM20 Logopack for FM20, brought to you by If you purchase through my links, I will earn a commission that will support the work I do on this site.

It’s seems the problem is only happening on Perugia, the Italian Club. (Steam), Hi there, the European club competition logos are not showing. Is that an common problem or some file which need deleting in order to get all logos to work again? But I can’t reproduce that at home. Then follow the installation method on this page. The logo of my current team does not show in some sections.

Updated transfers and updated leagues! The rest seems to be working fine. The megapack includes all of these logos. On the other hand for the players, as well as the national selections, the federations are present.

I’m using the English Lvl 10 database that @TheFMEditor85 makes. I’ve tried multiple times at this point. Updates only contain new and updated logos. Ten thousands logos for clubs, nations and competitions. This version of the fmi update will take your database into the 2020/2021 season! Whether the names of the folders are in French or in any language, that does not change anything. There are no other solutions. Very strange indeed. Do not hesitate to test and come back here tell us if it works ;).

I’m using a Mac so it’s a different path but yea all the rest are working. Oakland County FC. Shop Arsenal, Aston, Birmingham Is the file good 1.75 Go? I do not know. The 7th edition of the TCM Logos Megapack for Football Manager 2020. Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules. Is there a way to remove this? Hi, can anyone with a MAC help me… I’ve had to go through steam to get to the local files, and its slightly different to the instructions to update graphics on ANY site. I don’t understand why can’t use logo packs from here but some other sites’ fine! Any ideas as to what might be the issue? The archive is either in unknown format or damaged. Hello.

Having issues getting the logo for Ilkeston Town to work.

This creation (TCM20) is a property of the site and is in free use for personal use only. This is not normal. There are two types of country logos, federations and flags. Arsenal, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City and more!

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