Hmmm. I am so not a fan of the palindrome especially name-wise.

46. “It is garbage!” Irony dooms a man; a prisoner up to new era. Palindrome girl names for your new baby. @kakicloud - I have friends with the surnames: Andrew (no /s/ on the end); Stanley; Campbell; Spencer; Rose.

It even *sounds* like it could be a profession-y name based on sounding like "Herald", but I think it's clearly in first-name category now. Deified. You can also find the meaning of the names given above. What I thought was so funny is that one of the big advantages of Peter for me is that it's ranked #191 and falling.

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lucubratrix: I've never heard the name Darklis before, but it definitely seems like a legitimate name (there are multiple on facebook).

I think it's really pretty, though.

Otherwise you might end up with Thiknkiht or Furninruf. ", Though more often used as a girl's name, Ara can go either way. Anna? I love Otto and it's a family name on my side but my husband doesn't like it at all.

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I don't think you understand what a palindrome is. glides If you're really really wanting to do Harrison or Cooper or Archer in the first name slot -- note that you could choose to do something else with your son's last name as well. Like its similar double-l name, "Ala" also means "noble," but unlike its similar double-1 name, this spelling is more likely to be gender-neutral.

I think the ones that happen to be palindromes are cool, but I don't like it when the spellings have be mangled to produce them. A lad named E. Mandala oops, I meant boyish nn not's too early in the morning... another Laura: Thanks for thinking of me. Lately Peter has risen to the top of my boys list.


The Most Popular Names in Kindergarten This Year, 36 Once-Popular Baby Names That Are Disappearing.

Has anyone heard of the (female) name Darklis - or anything like it?

Would have loved for them all to be palindromes. Derived from German origins, "Adda" is a name fit for the next queen of your world. OMG, There are a lot here

If you like Harrison, perhaps you could do Harry? Gah... Gorgeous, and her parents were definitely ahead of their times.

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