Other Sustainability Features at Michigan Stadium. I also hope they save the letters…and the Eagle. You might think that suite owners will surrender their existing season tickets because, duh, they’ll be in the suites. Much of the inside of the stadium - including the upper concourses - remain off limits because of safety concerns associated with ongoing construction. A smaller concourse is embedded below the east stands. ADA-compliant bridges and pathways have been installed to ensure easier navigation of the stadium, and handicapped seating will be on the first row of the west concourse when it opens in 2010. We started with a brief presentation from in the Junge Family Center then toured both sides of the renovation. Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez could give you three answers. I asked one of the gents leading the tour if they announced what time folks could enter the suites before the game. The Big House hasn’t yet gotten much bigger — but it sure is unrecognizable. WRT the new pressbox, wasn’t the old pressbox on the west side of the stadium? The museum is expected to be key tool in recruiting players to continue the legacy of Michigan football. Tentative plans call for enclosed seating running the length of the east and west sides of the bowl. “I've not sat down with them, because I really don't know exactly what we're going to do yet as far as the order,” Rodriguez said. I did not realize that the I in Michigan Stadium was falling over. Jug 401: Did Yost really want the Little Brown Jug returned? melissa, apparently you DO care. brick), Operable windows and lighting controls provided for occupied spaces on building perimeter, Comply with ASHRAE Standard 55-1992 for thermal control standards, Day lighting provided to all interior spaces thereby reducing the use of electrical lights. Other Sustainability Features at Michigan Stadium. Enjoy a few photos from the day. Hopefully they will do an even better job with the Crisler arena renovation. Statistics provided by athletics show that modern stadiums serving 70,000-80,000 fans typically have 2-3 concourses with ramps, stairs, elevators, rest rooms, first aid and concessions on each level. Once inside, fans will proceed to the steps or elevators in the southeast tower to gain access to the structure. I usually sit in one of the sections just below the press box and the eagle, and I’ve seen it before (but never, of course, from above the press box). The suites were a little smaller than I figured but they are first class and really, there’s a lot of room. Some days have been better than others.”. "The renovations we are discussing will address a wide range of fan needs to enhance a Michigan football Saturday experience for everyone in the Big House," says Bill Martin, director of Intercollegiate Athletics. Yet, there's a long list of jobs to complete before the Wolverines open the season Sept. 4 against Connecticut when Michigan Stadium is officially re-christened following a $226 million renovation. I want a suite: [Ed 7/15/2010. It had previously been rumored to be headed for the entrance tunnel.“. Jeff Arnold covers sports for AnnArbor.com and can be reached at (734) 623-2554 or by email at jeffarnold@annarbor.com. The museum has displays of notable figures in Michigan football history, Schembechler's includes his famous headset. King Michigan built a castle,but forgot or didn,t want to build a drawbridge to the empire.Let the beast be built by the common folk of Ann Arbor,the cash donors of the new stadium are "cash Strapped". Rodriguez said that could mean instituting different packages for each quarterback. Unless there is some hidden chapel there that I'm not aware of? Follow @MVictors on Twitter. Design building to meet energy efficiency and performance required by ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-1999 with the exception of the glazing at suites and club areas, Air handling units on occupancy schedule allow lower winter set-point for heating and higher summer set-point for cooling when the building is unoccupied, Individual controls for air handling units allow heating and cooling to specific areas, Automatic sensors at lavatories control water flow, Tempered water is provided to lavatories minimizing the use of hot water, Thermostat controls in each suite allows for individual control, Use low flow toilet fixtures and waterless urinals, Design site sediment and erosion control to best management practices, ENERGY STAR roof for all new roof surfaces, Reduce the use of municipally provided potable water through the use of waterless urinals and low flow fixtures, Use regional and local material where possible (e.g. “It translates to overall explosion, I believe,” Huyge said. Also, are they going to keep the exhisting Michigan Stadium sign over the current pressbox for sentimental reasons? There is a two-story football display representing every victory in the program's history. The artist worked to put depth into the sculpture; he worked to capture what Bo stood for: the blue-collar effort, the focused view of a strategist intertwined with the delight of being part of a team -- a football team to be particular. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of MLive Media Group, You are viewing this article in the AnnArbor.com archives. ANN ARBOR, Mich. The Huskies, who played football at Hubbell Field from 1920 to 1980, moved to their current home in 1981. Officials say enclosed seating will be the only reasonable economic approach to fund major stadium renovations. When you are selling $85,000 boxes I’d think that this would take the priority. I. Care. But after a solid spring and the graduation of kicker K.C. Yet, there's a long list of jobs to complete before the Wolverines open the season Sept. 4 against Connecticut when Michigan Stadium is officially re-christened following a $226 million renovation. "I think the general fan is going to have those same impressions and they're going to think, 'I've gone to other stadiums and they had this' and we finally have it here at Michigan.". That implies you took an existing structure and improved it. Could. I agree that all other renovations are neeeded. The museum at Schembechler Hall opens to the public on April 28. Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard's helmet is part of the legends display. The capacity crowd saw Michigan State defeat the Wolverines 9-0. By the time the project is completed, Rademacher said the improvements will extend well beyond the club seating and luxury boxes. That was true charecter. “That's an area where none of them have really kicked in a game, quality kicks yet,” Rodriguez said. A motion-controlled video hall greets visitors. It's not going to be pulling in and out based on just one play or how well they play on one play.". The stadium renovations are scheduled to be finished in June 2010, though the final stadium capacity will not be determined until 2013, when the widening of seats and aisles is completed. Michigan Stadium was built in 1927 at a cost of $950,000 and had an original capacity of 72,000. Tours of the renovated areas will be offered this fall on Friday and Saturday of home football game weekends. Game-day video from Schembechler Hall video wall. I’m excited about the newest updates around the stadium and can’t wait to be there in a couple of weeks!! But any changes—which will include the addition of enclosed seating in order to fund the project—will respect the tradition and character of the 78-year-old facility. Rademacher believes fans will like what they see. Oh, and bring back the chain link fence with the barb wire ribbon. I would miss them! In addition, 1,200 new bench seats and 57,000 square feet of additional concourse would be added. According to associate athletic director Joe Parker, 61 of the 81 suites have been sold as has about 75 percent of the club seating. The University of Michigan recently finished a $9 million renovation to Schembechler Hall, which was originally approved and described in 2012 , per a University of Michigan press release. All Rights Reserved. The West Palm Beach, Fla. native capped off his high school success with a 35-yard field goal at the U.S. Army All-American game last January. The injury cost him a shot to compete for a spot on the line the 2008 campaign. Those definately need to be replaced with new gigantic HD scoreboards!!! Every Michigan bowl game is represented by a program cover in the museum with space for many more. The statue was created to give people a sense of Bo pacing the sidelines, leading his team, and now leading everyone on a walk through time and into the future of this football program. During Wednesday’s practice, Huyge and Omameh took reps at right tackle, while Dorrestein took reps on both the right and left side. They also need to have brickwork behind them to match the rest of the stadium as he had suggested. of the University of Michigan. Michigan Stadium’s capacity will stay at 106,201 this season, the same as last year, after the University removed seats in order to comply with ADA regulations. “I'm never going to put the quarterback in a situation where he always has to be worried about looking over his shoulder: 'If I don't play well on this play, I come out,’ ” Rodriguez said. It has not experienced any renovations since an expansion prior to the 1998 season added two video scoreboards and 5,000 additional seats in the north and south end zones. For Photos of the July 2010 Tour, click here] A great chance for the media to take a look at the new Michigan Stadium luxury suites and renovations. brick), Ventilation meets ASHRAE 62-1999 Indoor Air Quality requirements, Use low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials, (e.g. From the outside, the stadium looks really great. It doesn't exactly seem like a "renovation." But as coaches we've talked about it quite a bit, and we have an idea in mind as far as which plays each guy runs well, which ones they execute well. True freshmen Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson and redshirt junior Nick Sheridan continue to take reps with the first-string offense. … I for one applaud all the improvements to the facilities. Gibbons enters Michigan as a highly touted kicker, but actually played linebacker in high school. Wilpon baseball and softball complex, Osterbaan and Al Glick fieldhouses, Varsity tennis building, and currently under construction the new UM soccer stadium just to name a few. I asked this question during the tour and the initial response was that many suite owners intend to hold onto their existing tickets. Less than 24 hours after the last game in 2007, construction crews began renovating Michigan Stadium – … We’ll see how things go over the next year. The progress made on the four-year, $226 million Michigan Stadium renovation project is obvious from the two navy blue skyboxes emerging from the east and west sides of the stadium. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy, © 2013 MLive Media Group All rights reserved (About Us). Now, gotta get rid of that eyesore on the backside of the scoreboard. 3:24. Grill not only wanted to understand Bo's coaching philosophy, he wanted to portray what his ideals were as a man and a leader. Next Up In Michigan Football College football game thread: The calm before the storm Schembechler Hall features a motion-controlled video wall powered by Microsoft 360 Kinect sensor technology. Planning is underway for renovations to Michigan Stadium that will improve the game-day experience for U-M football fans, athletic department officials say. First class layout of the suites and the view of the field is excellent. The surprise in keeping it there (to me) is that the West side is the more valuable side (at least to me), out of the sun especially for noon games. When they replace Crisler, the luxury boxes will not be behind where the fans sit.

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