The passing of a loved one is a difficult time. Mary Cattermole is placed on trial by the Muggle-born Registration Commission, who accuse her of having stolen the wand from a witch or wizard. Thomas Riddle Jr. – Voldemort's Muggle father and, Thomas Marvolo Riddle – Slytherin student who became.

Mary Elizabeth Cattermole (fl.

She didn’t just excel at tests and read every book in sight – she helped Harry prepare for various challenges in the Triwizard Tournament, and was a key component of her, Harry, and Ron’s survival while they were out in the wilderness. The two eventually live happily ever after. Eventually she loosens up around him, and this allows him to see her in a new and more confident light. She now stars as sorceress Triss in Netflix’s The Witcher. She was the wife of Reginald Cattermole and was mother to Maisie, Ellie and Alfred. Penelope Clearwater – Ravenclaw prefect and girlfriend of, Mrs. Cole – Matron of the orphanage where. Well, we say “appearance,” but only heard Mafalda’s voice as she embarrassed Harry beyond all measure. She was the daughter of a Muggle greengrocer and his wife, and the wife of Ministry of Magic employee Reginald Cattermole, with whom she had two daughters, Maisie and Ellie, and one son, Alfred. Still, the transformation she’s undergone since then is astonishing to say the least. As long as we’re on the subject of random students, we thought we’d peak your interest with a relatively known actress by the name of Sarah Rorbach. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

You gotta love Moaning Myrtle, right? (Honestly they’re just there to get the story going though). Astoria was played by Jade Olivia, a stunt production coordinator who didn’t find it a stretch playing Malfoy’s significant other, as she was actually dating Tom Felton at the time. When Umbridge is Stunned by Harry, concealed under the Invisibility Cloak, Mary screams as Dementors swarm around her. For this reason, we thought it would be kind of fun if the “real life” pictures we showed you of them were pictures when they were young. The trial was soon interrupted by Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, who freed Mary and the other Muggle-born prisoners along with Ron Weasley and encouraged them to flee the country. We don’t want you to get confused, so let us quickly clarify what we mean when we say “Lily Luna Potter.” This isn’t Harry’s mother we’re talking about – it’s his daughter. It doesn’t seem that they are still acting, but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped getting older. As you can see, Afshan Azad has come a long way since playing the role, and has undergone a profound transformation. We know that you’re probably wondering who this girl is in the Harry Potter universe, but we’ll happily fill you in.

Determined to put her in her place, Hermione cleverly discovers the true nature of what Rita is, and shuts her up for good. — Mary Cattermole's trial with the Muggle-Born Registration Commission.

Kate Fleetwood, Actress: Les Misérables. She is a Muggle-born witch. Although she has no lines in the film, Harry is mesmerized by the presence of her picture.

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