Malibu M235 Malibu Boats The M235 is, by far, the deepest, heaviest boat Malibu has ever built. From the moment we got behind the M235 for a surfing session, it was clear that this boat makes the largest waves of any Malibu. Not only are controls close to hand, they can be read at a glance so that the operator’s attention is not distracted from driving for more than a micro-second. The M235 exclusively features Malibu’s deepest hull and most luxurious cabin. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The electrical panel can be accessed on the port side of the companionway, while on the starboard side is another storage box. The Command Center is the smartest combination of digital interfaces and traditional controls in the category. Already the world’s premier ultra-premium wakeboarding and wake surfing boat, the new M235 is loaded with even more technology and luxury. Any amount of ballast can be added into any of the four tanks from the helm with the touch of a finger. It also has a world-class wakeboard wake. BoatTube 3,537 views. * Has up to a 5,000-pound ballast capacity standard. Un barco que nos ha dejado con la boca abierta a todos los presentes.
Malibu's M235 throws an impressive wave an offers numerous luxury amenities. The 12” touchscreen MaliView display runs the Viper II Operating System and monitors engine functions and ballast tanks. The WakeView seat, positioned on the centerline of the transom, can be converted to a rear-facing bench seat. Malibu calls the M235 its alpha boat, meaning it’s the top dog in its tow-boat lineup. No other manufacturer can offer anything like Malibu’s exclusive, patent-protected Power Wedge II. The M235 is the most luxurious ride Malibu’s ever produced, a distinction that comes at a price, starting at $160,375. There were only three people in the boat but the wake was still massive. The smaller auxiliary screen has everything you need to dial in the specifics on the new M235. Este revolucionario hidrofoil hidráulico funciona con nuestros cascos especialmente diseñados, Surf Gate hidráulico, Hard Tank cuádruple de lastre, lastre Plug ‘n’ Play y Surf Band formando parte integral de la inigualable Plataforma Surf Integrada o ISP de Malibu para ofrecerte la última experiencia en deportes acuáticos.

Malibu has created a boat that everyone will aspire to have once they’ve stepped foot on it. Here we see that the operator has dialed-in higher wake by moving the Power Wedge III on the screen. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para asegurar que obtenga la mejor experiencia en nuestro sitio web. (2,948 kg). Adjust the speed within a couple miles per hour, and, more importantly, adjust the Power Wedge to tailor the wave’s pitch to your liking without ever needing to yell at the driver.It should be said that a rooster tail this high makes it a little more difficult to transfer from side to side, but it also brings about more possibilities for transfers tricks; the added vert creates a perfect ramp that wants to send you up in the air and over to the other side.Top-Notch Trait: The M235 gives you lots of options for surf control. Certainly, the M235 is not for everyone – and, that is the general idea. (680 kg) of ballast. They call it the “Alpha” and this is an apt description where cost was no object, and the team at Malibu let their imaginations run wild. Puedes utilizar esta herramienta para cambiar la configuración de las cookies. • High definition Wakeview Back-up camera offers viewable live video on the MaliView screen. Quad Ballast System which adds up to 5,000 lbs. Developed in utmost secrecy, Malibu’s new M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, built as the first in a new line that gives you the edge on the water anywhere, every time. The Surf Band also controls the speed and the Power Wedge II, which can tweak the wave face while you’re riding so you can get exactly what you want. Clamping Spinner Board Racks. The wave has more of an ocean-like push that’s sure to save tricks you used to fall on, and both sides are equally solid.Fill up 5,400 pounds of subfloor and bag ballast to bury the bottom half of the hull into the water, then strap on the Surf Band and go ride. First off, the stock wave on this brand-new boat is about hip-high and glassy clean with more vert and drive than anything else we’ve seen from Malibu. Also includes the Sport Dash analog control dial for Surf Gate, Power Wedge II, stereo and speed. Built with aircraft aluminum, this fully automatic-collapsible tower comes with RGB lighting and Rev 10 speakers, as well as integrated clamping racks and Bimini options. Along with the size, we were really impressed with the transition on this wave. The operator can use the Malibu Command Center customize the size and shape of the wake for each individual and for the type of tow sport. 5-year factory warranty. Another thing you’ll notice when surfing behind the M235 is just how far back you can drop.

The M235 exclusively features Malibu’s deepest hull and most luxurious cabin.

Luxury features include the 12-inch MaliView touchscreen in the dash that is glare-proof, extremely water-resistant, and houses all your major driving functions with big, intuitive menu buttons. Surf Gate is the original surf system, and it’s still one of the best out there. Surf Gate allows the driver to adjust settings on the port and starboard hydraulic tabs for wave creation, and the high visibility Surf Band wearable control allows a rider on the water to adjust the Power Wedge, Surf Gate, music volume, and the boat speed. Wrap around seating provides accommodations for a large group. The Malibu M235 is designed to be both a top performing towing boat and a social space, with space for 17 passengers. Regina logró tres boyas y media a 41’ (10.25m). ISP includes: model-specific hulls and running surfaces, surf-specific swim platforms, hard-tank ballast and Surf Gate. The wake surfer can control the boat’s speed and wake setting from a wrist band, and aboard there is rated capacity for 17 people. Al presionar el botón aceptas las Condiciones Legales, Ver más barcos de POP Yachts International. Malibu's M235 boasts luxury features and a great wake. The standard triple axle trailer comes with an assortment of options, including two-tone paint, Rockstar wheels, stainless steel fenders, runway lighting, and more. As Malibu’s flagship offering, this boat comes standard with top trim level equipment. How does it all come together? Here we see the Power Wedge III in the down position. The MulitZone RGB Lighting Controller allows the user to control the settings of up to three zones of RGB lights.
This is the new M235, the new alpha, the ultimate expression of the state of the art.

(680 kg) of simulated ballast.

The result is a once-in-a-lifetime boat, whether it’s at the dock or pulling the world’s best wakeboarders and -surfers. El paquete estándar que viene en el M235 lo incluye todo; Este barco está construido para tenerlo todo, un clásico instantáneo para el cliente exigente que no se conforma con menos que lo mejor de lo mejor. Surf Band lets you use Malibu’s industry-first Surf Gate to switch the wave side whenever you feel like it with a button on your wrist. The bright, high-resolution 12-inch MaliView touchscreen gives you finger-tap control of the ballast, Power Wedge II and Surf Gate. The 2019 model has premium touch vinyl on all of the seating for durability and comfort. Catching air off the Malibu’s wake is not difficult, but coming down on the board and sticking to it is not so easy.

All rights reserved. allows users to tailor the size and shape of the wake and waves. To the right of the wheel is the Malibu Touch Command digital switching system. The wrist wearable Malibu Surf Band control allows a rider to remotely control three of the four systems that affect wake – Boat Speed, Power Wedge II position, and the Surf Gate. • SeaDek track decking has been installed on all walkways, in storage compartments, and on the gunnels. has not tested the M235, but, it is our experience and opinion that Malibu has an excellent track record for developing and building tow-sport boats with exceptional performance, ride, and handling. Domine el agua. Malibu’s new M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, giving you the edge on the water anywhere, every time. It can be controlled from the helm or by the Malibu Surf Band remote. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The Power Wedge III creates a long, tall, and clean wake while also increasing lift, allowing the boat to plane faster. Te recomendamos desactivarlo mientras nos visites. Get pricing, images and specifications for buying a 2019 Malibu M235 wake boat. Here we see a representation of the hard ballast tanks half-full. Este es el nuevo M235, el nuevo alfa, lo  último en diseño y tecnología. This revolutionary hydraulic hydrofoil works with our engineered hull designs, hydraulic Surf Gate, Quad Hard Tank Ballast, Plug ‘n’ Play ballast, and Surf Band as part of Malibu’s peerless Integrated Surf Platform, or ISP, to give you the ultimate watersports experience. A power windscreen is exclusive to the M235. Puedes cancelar tus avisos cuando quieras. Luxury features include the 12-inch MaliView touchscreen in the dash that is glare-proof, extremely water-resistant, and houses all your major driving functions with big, intuitive menu buttons. The Power Wedge III is the third generation of this highly successful hydraulic wake-making device that creates the wake effect of another 1,500-lbs. The Integrated Surf Platform (I.S.P.)

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