expert, partner and later wife of Oliver Queen.
The character is based on the DC Comics characters Prometheus and Adrian Chase. He provides information to Oliver and Barry Allen about Vandal Savage. He used a earthquake machine to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. She later finds out that her former partner-lover Vincent Sobel is alive and is the Vigilante. He works with the Arrow from time to time and eventually comes to accept him. In season two, Moira is put on trial but she is acquitted as Malcolm returns, alive. under Darhk's duress, determined to see justice served, despite endangering his career. In season two, Malcolm returns to suborn the jury in Moira's trial to find her innocent of the Undertaking. He is also The Father of Thea Queen who's Mother is the late Moira Queen who he briefly had an affair with. The character is based on the DC Comics character Connor Hawke. After Malcolm frees Thea, Felicity, Curtis and Samantha, Thea accidentally steps on a landmine. By season five, Quentin has broken up with Donna and, now having no one left, returns to Star City and falls back into alcoholism. discovers that a financier named Dante is behind multiple terrorist cells, including the Longbow Hunters, Diggle places Diaz in the Ghost Initiative and has an explosive placed in his neck in order to ensure his compliance in tracking him down. The series premiered in the United States on The CW on October 10, 2012, with international broadcasting taking place in late 2012 and primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, … After Galaxy One is defeated, Felicity leaves Star City in her children's hands and leaves with the Monitor to a place from which there is no return.

", "Arrow's Willa Holland could become his sidekick", "Marc Guggenheim Talks Arrow, Vixen, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bennett is uncredited for his character's cameo. In season eight following the formation of Earth-Prime, Moira is alive where she mourns her son's death, but knows that she was killed by Slade in the initial timeline. He also assists in finding a younger William and attends Oliver's funeral. Laurel later found her in 2040 operating a nightclub where she mentioned that she woke up in 2040 the day after Oliver's funeral and that she seems to have been completely erased from existence and that there is no documentation of her or Black Canary. She is eventually given Sara Lance's old tech collar, which enables her to perform the cry again. She is also revealed to be a main antagonist of the season seven arc. Quentin eventually learns that Adrian Chase is Prometheus and responsible for attempting to frame him. Malcolm Merlyn, also known as the Dark Archer, is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as DLC available in the Arrow pack.
He later returns to take part in the operation to track down Emiko Queen and her biological weapon, before returning to D.C. to propose to his boyfriend. Malcolm Merlyn appears as a main character in Lego DC Super-Villains, with John Barrowman returning to the role. In season eight, Oliver, pretending to be his Earth-2 doppelganger, was stranded on Lian Yu for twelve years instead of five years.

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