Smart, but humane.” –  Heather Mallick, CBC News: Analysis and Viewpoint, “A book pondering the aesthetics of Céline risks going wrong in about 3,000 different ways…Instead, this book goes very deeply right.” –  Sam Anderson, New York Magazine. Dion, Céline--Criticismand interpretation. Easy to digest radio earworms that are memorable and sweet like candy to a listener’s ear. Its title, Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste, seemed to suggest that it would be a book about Céline Dion. The Mountain Goats, For TG&Y Big Bill Broonzy, Old Folks at Home 3. For a short book, it covers significant ground, deftly drawing insights from academic cultural theory, while remaining … Carl Wilson, “Introduction” At the concert, they also performed a series of songs influenced by their more recent cultural-exchange projects in Ethiopia, music that proved that feedback-drenched guitars could still make your hips sway and your mind swell with polyrhythmic, polymath possibility. Carl Wilson has two New York readings this week: Tuesday Jan 22, 7:30 pm: Word bookstore How could I not have fallen in love with this song? This seems to me the real substance of Wilson’s book and why it is more than an intelligent discourse on a small, specialized segment of society: The most obvious thing in the world is the easiest thing to forget, especially regarding any subject that you care about, especially when that subject is an art form full of costumed personalities making their most private experiences into publicly projected stories, where real and unreal are fantastically or oafishly mixed. Jay-Z, Umbrella New York magazine review The quote I picked from this chapter briefly explains why these famous people adore an artist who has also received a lot of backlash for her music. As Costello sings, "What shall we do, what shall we do, with all this useless beauty?". 5. Popular music--History and criticism. 9. For me, anyway, that’s when the book became about something more than Céline Dion, pop music, or tastes. (free beer! ), Wed, Jan 23, 8 pm (doors 7 pm): Happy Ending Music and Reading Series Nick Hornby, “The Artists We Deserve” The aesthetic issue is that beauty may be both humans' best and our most foolish invention. You can cancel anytime. Coming to a bookstore near you on March 13, 2014. To a toddler surrounded by anxiety, fear, sadness, and loss, that sound would be especially nurturing, especially the sound “groovy,” with its delicious “ooo” and fun “eee.” (These same sounds are also nurturing to adults forced to live with chronic fear, sadness, and loss, which is probably why Dion and singers like her are, according to Wilson, popular in Iraq and Afghanistan.) The irony is that when Dion and Smith met at the Oscars, she was so unexpectedly sweet to him that he ended up defending her to friends who criticized her, for the rest of his all-too-brief, burnt life. Let’s Talk About Love imagines a world where we can talk about what makes us unique, and still respect and even celebrate those who are different. James Franco, “Acting In and Out of Context” Oprah-meets-Celine zone in its own way. 50K for a verse, no album out Yeah, my money’s so tall that my Barbies got to climb it.” (Nicki Minaj featuring on Monster by Kanye West) This just goes to show that although that money is another motive for famous musicians to consistently put out catchy radio songs. This track, originally recorded on their unbelievable 1991 record with the late New York cellist Tom Cora, Scrabbling at the Lock, is a cover of a Hungarian folk song they learned via the great Budapest band Muszikas. I don’t know how long I went on about it, but it was much longer than seconds. By the end of the writing, I decided that knuckling under to my assumptions about her assumptions made me not just an ass but a collaborator with the enemy - with the perverse over-coding of artistic taste as an indicator of human value. You’ve run out of free articles. 10. What I believe Wilson is saying is, Celine has gained the praise of other famous artists because they are in the same boat; famous musicians respect other famous musicians. . When he was done I turned to the person next to me and said, “What a fucking idiot.” That night I called someone and expanded on that thought, using words like buffoon, jerkoff, and conceited pig. Where most of the books in the series were tributes in one way or another to records generally agreed to be important to pop and rock history, this one was a look at the contrast between the mass global popularity of Céline Dion and the equally massive critical hostility toward her music—a case study in why people argue so much about taste. 8. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. So long as there is a mass majority of people who are interested in the music, artists and record labels are going to keep pumping tunes out for their audience because they know it will sell. Ann Powers, “If the Girls Were All Transported” This song, by my much-underrated fellow Toronto-dwelling 33 1/3 author Joe Pernice (he wrote the high-school-life novella that became the series' volume on the Smiths' Meat Is Murder), invokes the myth of Solomon to describe the impossible choices and the inaccessibility of wisdom that so often marks romantic dilemmas. Pop artists like Celine Dion have a wider scope when it comes to who they want listening to their music. In the opening of the book you are surprised to hear hat the author absolutely hates Celine Dion’s music. I heard three songs, including the Titanic one, and I realized why she’d never registered for me. But eventually I found out. But since this book was about music with which I had an uncomfortable relationship, the songs of Celine Dion and in particular her album Let's Talk About Love -- indeed, it was as much about that uncomfortable relationship, and all such aesthetic conflicts, as about the music itself -- my listening process was unusually fraught. My Tragic Right Hip review People outside of the Pop music fan base would claim that ‘all pop music is the same.’ I feel that people on the outside make these claims because they notice how consistently Pop artists like to hit on a few bullet points when it comes to making music for the masses. interview with the author One of the minor ambitions I had with the book was to take the title of the album (and thus of the book, that being 33 1/3's format) literally, and to make a connection and contrast between the sort of "love" we say we have for the art we admire and the love or separation we feel with other human beings. " At least Dion does know some simple ways to reach people. As John Cage showed in 4'33", however, silence can be the most distracting of all. Wilson applies this idea to art and culture in general, especially in an enlightened consideration of “schmaltz” as a hearty social phenomenon and in a skeptical inquiry into the use of sentimental as a pejorative.

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