All around I did love this drama.

Gi Moo-hyeok is a snobby lawyer who goes undercover as a substitute teacher Gi Kang-jae in Chunmyung High School, an elite high school ranked in the top 0.1 percent to get to the bottom of a case involving the murder of a female student. Her methods lead to nowhere and all she did was blaming the hero's method.

Damn right, I hate the first episodes. This better not be like I feel him suffer for a few minutes kind of thing. aizie Aug 24 2019 9:14 am Yeon Jung Hoon as Kang Ji Min Davod Aug 23 2019 2:05 am In an upper-class residential area, Jeong Soo-ah, a model and popular student from an elite high school, is stabbed on her bed, with her classmate Kim Han-soo hovering over her with a bloody knife. Can't wait to see more of this drama, coz OCN never disappoints. Please kindly look into it. Byung Hun as Ahn Byung Ho They should choose a different actor Ms. Ha’s character. Class of Lies: Episodes 5-6 Open Thread ... We learn that Soo-ah’s real stalker, Lee Ki-hoon (the son of Lee Do-jin, Moo-hyuk’s former boss), tried to sexually assault her, but Han-soo had seen, and beat the crap out of him.

I only watched the 1st ep nd im so excited for rest of the eps... Im rly liking the plot....i think its gonna be a gd drama.

feblyd Jun 05 2019 8:47 pm Array();

Such a pain the ass!! Im Han Bin (임한빈) as Jun Jin Kook ), Anywy, best schoolxmystery drama i ever watch! If there's a little bit mystery, the drama could be more interesting. Mom Has An Affair (SBS) Kwon Hwa Woon as Kim Yeon Joon Just hope there are no school like this in a real life.. reiji Jul 25 2019 12:12 pm The drama itself is good.

I think tae ra's mom ordered someone to kill Beom Jin, coz she already knew that her daughter didn't commit suicide that beom jin killed tae ra.
Snigdha Oct 20 2019 3:42 am Also known as: Mr.

i can feel the tense in this drama as all the roles are putting up with excellent acting ?

Laura Jul 28 2019 11:31 am Main Cast. In order to regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into Chunmyung High School and begins to work as a temporary teacher with the name of Gi Kang-jae. I must admit, there is never a dull moment in every episode of this drama. Lilo So Apr 15 2020 1:08 pm Yes, it’s a melodrama with romance . and can i just give a shoutout to my precious lee kihoon :( he's so adorable.

Tbh I don't understand why they have to put it at that time slot. Jun is the reason why I watched this drama, I couldn't stop replaying his scene that why it took me months to finish this'the drama. Class of Lies (Korean: 미스터 기간제; RR: Miseuteo giganje; lit.
Well many people thought SKY Castle is crazy intense but I personally think that Class Of Lies is even crazier. They are sunbaes. Seo Yoon-A, her character is more suitable for being a teacher.

The title shouldn't called class of lies, but class of hell.

Yvonne May 21 2020 7:34 pm I never noticed him on My Strange Hero lol. teacher who loves her students.

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