It be the mark of the beast

Uh And let real business get dealt My city back at it with 'em

An annotation cannot contain another annotation. Unless you talk about the one with the attitude problem Music video for K Dot x Palize - 3 Day Bender Visuals by @subtle_media Twitter - @kdotscumfam @PalizeMusic Free download from [Verse] Put it in garbage or trash, I'm the best you had Minus the actress and the producers Put That On Somethin lyrics performed by K-Dot: [Verse 1:] Now listen my friends not to offend But this is a story told over again So many niggas tryin to fuck with the king

Back against the wall K got that tryin' the pin To fuck with mine Niggas plant their seeds to be gangstas One word describing him, genius Who can envision the place where I reside

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Husslin' nights, homie that's Compton life

What you want, weed, dope, or water, boy? That's K-Dot, oh you ain't heard? You ladies man like Leon Phelps K Dot King Lyrics - All the great songs and their lyrics from K Dot King on Don't tell me they got you on some weirdo rap shit, nigga.

K. Dot, so heaven sent, Y.H.N.I.C.

K. Dot Would best describe fit his gutter And worship their gun the same as their religious beliefs

I'm the best you heard today, hands down Every time I call, it's going to voice mail. Tell the truth, bitch, nobody, and that's real Rock niggas like Bobby Boucher, you waterboy Had you for road kill just like a possum

'Cause in the hood tellin pigs no more Dave Think you know music? K. Dot's nothing to play with I'm the best now K-DOT LYRICS "Intro (Hova Song)" [Intro:] Greetings people You're now rockin' with the best Hub City's threat Minor of the year K.Dot I know the hood's been waitin', right I'm a stop being stingy I'm a share with y'all [Verse:] Whoever thought young Kendrick would spit so ignorant Every time I call, it's going to voice mail.

Don't tell me they got you on some weirdo rap shit, nigga. Hood advice, homie that's Compton life Have your gun by you, 'cause niggas will try you

'Cause it ain't too safe for you to cruise around here Make sure your selection Take New Jersey and fit it shit whatever you don't care Shit, that boy hot With dime bitches runnin' on beaches like baywatch You sit and watch the young child with my money stacks Add up faster than cell phones on speed dial [Hook: Kendrick Lamar] So hand down whatever you had You could contain 'em I'm back at it again

; Keion!, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric Where Eazy was pitching, Dre was 6'4 lifting I think he was trying to get back to K-Dot, get back to his roots, sag his pants, really roll through the hood for this album.

Ye it's good to know somebody if you're new around here I'm the only one fucking with me I'm black with thoughts of Einstein We get vapors like Biz Markie but still I'm used to

Stick to my roots like black tard and m

Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! Watch how K. Dot move, something not like you And as far as my eyes can see Chevy lights, women you like Husslin' nights, homie that's Compton life Rollin' dice, gangsta rights Hood advice, homie that's Compton life That they go, watch em!? Have your gun by you, 'cause niggas will try you [K.Dot:] She love it when I'm flamed up Feel the pump Red Lamborghini at the Grand Lux Grammys with the red tux She a red bone Red manicure Red hair 'Think I like her Might wife her in sum red airs Walk her up my red stairs Headed to the red room She gone yell code red once I jump in that room The same time, hope the system don't lock 'em A nightmare on my street, Fred Krueger where I live Who's sick as me? I don't know if he new around here


[?] Hood advice, homie that's Compton life But when you see 'em please be quick on your feet

But it's more than just weed and women, gangsters, husslers Even adolenscence will shoot you over that paper

Chevy lights, women you like

Assist many players like personal agent What you know about the city I'm living Rollin' dice, gangsta rights

Plus the kid married to rap, old cats need to renew ya vows

Rollin' dice, gangsta rights But there's no way that you could stop 'em Now it's back to the basics

A young gun but not like your young Chris and Eve Sit down, practice your verbs and nouns Bullet collisions, players, pimps I pulled out a weapon and aced it K dot, pick up the phone, nigga. Husslin' nights, homie that's Compton life Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. No socks and skinny jeans and shit.

NWA had mansion, quick at the turn tables Watch how K. Dot move, something not like you We live righteously, we can't give a fuck about your opinion K. Dot's nothing to play with A nigga tried to test my gangsta I pulled out a weapon and aced it My grade point average at the top of the brackets I'm sick like a cancer patient

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Chevy lights, women you like Lyrics to 'Control' by Kendrick Lamar: I look up Yeah and I take my time I'ma take my time, whoa Power moves only, nigga

Call me on Shaniqua's phone [Hook:] I been A-1 since day one, you niggas boo boo Your home boy, your block that you're from, boo boo Lil hoes you went to school with, boo boo Hope you not try to plan for the future niggas will mute you The Compton shares can't forget the police lift ya up

And their main aim is just the talk of the streets Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. K Dot - Compton Life Lyrics. 'Cause nowadays niggas hussle when they order their peace

Hoping one day they blossom You better stay in the gym Y'all as foul, clothes to fragrance Husslin' nights, homie that's Compton life

I seen niggas shed blood blood tears K dot, pick up the phone, nigga.

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