And that, to me, is where the real truth is, is when you can get to something foundational. He kept them. Joe Rogan: Are you constantly aware of how much this is changing society, and that you are one of the four or five different modalities that are radically changing society? Jack Dorsey: You know, you sign up for these services, and you quickly hit accept. Like they'll quote tweet a tweet that someone finds, and they'll say, "Look at this idiot. Joe Rogan: I think, older. And I'm also very excited at the fact that it's only been around for such a short period of time but-.

And I know it doesn't feel like this today for most people, but my ideal is someone walks away from Twitter learning something, and they're actually learning something entirely new. Joe Rogan: "Hey, man, you misspelled that word."

It's just going to take a lot of work, a lot of introspection, and a lot of experimentation.

And the people who might find that interesting follow it.

And I was one of the first investors of Instagram and love the service. Jack Dorsey: I mean, it is a small percentage of people. I just I wanted to thank people for posting cool stuff, and they love the fact they would get a retweet.

Jack Dorsey: But more importantly, they don't have access to things like rewards. And does it get more intrusive? Like, how do you — I mean, this is-. Change ), on Joe Rogan Redeems Himself After The Botched Jack Dorsey Interview.

The Joe Rogan Experience. And, oftentimes, we'll see coordinated conduct, whether it'd be that one person opening multiple accounts or coordinating with multiple accounts that they don't own to go after someone. Like why can't you just follow Warriors Twitter or, you know, NBA Twitter? You were the last ones. Joe Rogan: And I believe you hung in there until he started harassing you personally, right? It's how it's amplified.

Like, what — How do you handle that? And then, he just goes on. But if you look at the arc of technology, it's a given that anytime something is created, it's going to exist forever.

But within that topic, there might be some dissenting opinions. “[Jones] did very different things on our platform than others. It's only accounts. They'll stay in their timeline, and they'll see what they need to see, and I can certainly imagine why if I'm just following a bunch of people who have the exact same take on this, it just continues to embolden, and embolden, and embolden, and they see nothing of a different perspective on the exact same situation. Joe Rogan: Because that's essentially request for doxxing.

You know, I learned some. And I think there's a lot of positives in that. Joe Rogan: Three, two, one, boom. Joe Rogan: Why keep it as Periscope? Stay up to date with the latest political news and non-partisan opinion on issues that impact our liberty and receive the latest news and offers from our sponsors. Jack Dorsey: And I think the most beautiful and, also, sometimes, uncomfortable aspect of Twitter is we really learned what it wanted to be, and the people helped create it. It gets one thing they communicate in. And I think that that aspect of his presidency was very good for all of us because he represented something that was of a very high standard in terms of his ability to communicate, his access to words, the way he measured his words, and held himself.

We don't have access to your images, to your face, or whatnot, but the operating system can tell us that this is the legit owner of this phone; and therefore, it is human. What is this?". Joe Rogan: It's a rap. Joe Rogan: And then, underneath it, yeah, you fucking say whatever you want, but no one's no one's reading.

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