NC (voiceover): So they decide to relocate their haunted house to a tree house. who is the random guy who shows up at 0:01:08? So get ready, kids! (drinks a glass of milk and stands a little taller) Which will allow me to grow strong bones, clear skin…(takes another sip and grows even taller)…and, of course, make me totally invincible to all satanic troll attacks. Let’s see Jim Varney and Eartha Kitt try to out-mug each other again. NC (voiceover): So the troll heads back to the tree so that he can use the doll to somehow bring the other trolls to life. What film is the castle clip seen during the intro from. “A rare, slightly antiquated beverage generally produced in Bulgaria, which may or may not be fictional.” (He slams the book shut) Goddamnit, movie! All future Ernest films were independently produced, and following the financial failure of the theatrical release Ernest Rides Again, the Ernest films shifted to a straight-to-video market. NC (voiceover): So Ernest sets up a trap for the troll before he drops the two kids off at their home. NC (voiceover): WWWWWhere did that come from? Trantor appears there and takes the mayor's oldest son as his fifth and final wooden doll. I was amazed at how entertaining this film was; I saw it when I was about 11, and it was my first proper 'movie' I saw at the cinema, not counting classic Disney animated films.Halloween is mainly a children's affair anyway, and it is good to see that Ernest was able to bring it to the children: a little bit of laughter, a little bit of horror, and some child actors in important parts. (Francis screams and fires her flame thrower all around her until there’s a poor transition to Elizabeth screaming). We’ll edit it out in post. NC (voiceover): So while being harassed by rejected Garbage Pail Kids, a bunch of the school children pop up with their secret weapon. Ahhhh! I’m a bi-racial half-feline cat person! Ernest accidentally unleashes an ugly troll that plots to transform children into wooden dolls in the town of Briarville, Missouri. Auntie Nelda: He got a merit badge in wholesale slaughter. NC: (takes a deep breath through his nose and pounds his fists on his desk, sobbing) WHAT ABOUT RIMSHOT? When Ernest follows her, he learns the story of Trantor and idiotically reports it to the kids. Kenny and his friends arrive and begin destroying the trolls with milk. Ernest: (calls out from inside the truck) Rimshot! Its opening credits feature a montage of clips from various horror and science fiction films, including Nosferatu (1922), White Zombie (1932), Phantom from Space (1953), The Brain from Planet Arous (1957), The Screaming Skull (1958), Missile to the Moon (1958), The Hideous Sun Demon (1958), The Giant Gila Monster (1959), The Killer Shrews (1959), Battle Beyond the Sun (1959), and The Little Shop of Horrors (1960). Milk! So yes, this movie was officially written by Cherry Coke. (Trantor grabs onto the rope that’s attached to the truck and pulls on it, bringing the truck toward him). I’ve transformed myself into a withering black lady! (approaches Trantor) Let’s see how you like a little…(holds out a jar) miak! Oh, yeah. NC (voiceover): He’s on the bed. NC (voiceover): Eh, it’s been a while. (She starts to walk away). (Cut to Aragon (from “The Lord of the Rings”) yelling to his army to fire; the footage of the army shooting arrows intercuts with the fighting in “Ernest Scared Stupid”), Matt (the fat bully): Binder, this isn’t the end of it! You know, for a woman who knows everything about these monsters, she sure did overlook the page about how to stop ‘em! NC: Yeah, but he’s also gotten a million other things wrong! (He holds up a script to flip through the pages and stops on one to read it) Just says here, “Poorly done transition. Flee! (NC screams and pushes a button below the screen). It is highly likely that they were used more for their public domain status (making them free for the filmmakers to use) rather than their fame. Girl: This thing looks silly. Life could be pretty if there wasn't someone like Ernest P. Worrell on this planet. Mill Creek Entertainment re-released it on DVD on January 18, 2011, as part of the two-disc set Ernest Triple Feature along with Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Goes to Jail. With Jim Varney, Eartha Kitt, Austin Nagler, Shay Astar. Girl: (stops to turn around and look pouty) Mommy…I’m sorry! He grabs him and carries him over his shoulder to the tree house. Kenny unsuccessfully tries to destroy Trantor, who turns Kenny into a doll as well. NC (voiceover): (as Francis) You have quite a bit of adjusting to do! NC (voiceover): So while Ernest runs around like an idiot—big shock—we see the chubby guy and his old skinny brother from the other Ernest movies make their cameos again. Written by Trantor grabs Joey's wrist and turns him into a wooden doll. (The trolls disappear into a pile of goo). The series follows Ernest, and several other colorful characters having all sorts of wacky fun. Ernest: (sobs) There’s nothin’ in that tree for me. (Ernest ends up falling backwards into the back of the garbage truck, his dog Rimshot messes with some controls that causes the truck’s top to cover over Ernest, then two walls inside start to close in on him). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Cat in the Hat - Was That Real? Joey is walking home from the tree house when he hears something rustling through the trees. It is the fifth film to feature the character Ernest P. Worrell. (An image of Trogdor appears over Trantor as a background singer shouts “Trogdor!”). When Old Lady Hackmore discovers this, she angrily leaves. Out of vengeance, Trantor places a curse on the Worrell family, stating that he can only be released on the night before Halloween and by the hands of a Worrell. Ernest Scared Stupid is a 1991 American comedy horror film directed by John R. Cherry III and starring Jim Varney. He’s behind him. It is the fifth film to feature the character Ernest P. Worrell. Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Trivia: Two of the trolls are recycled clowns from another Chiodo brothers movie: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Maybe it was a troll! Francis: (reads the text in the book) “Thou canth destroyeth the troll with…”, Ernest: (reads in the book) “M-I-something-K.”. NC (voiceover): You know, we’re gonna have a hard enough time stomaching Varney’s impressions, kid. Ernest accidentally unleashes an ugly troll that plots to transform children into wooden dolls in the town of Briarville, Missouri. They steal some from a convenience store and head to the tree house on their bikes. Ernest Scared Stupid NC (voiceover): So the kids of the neighborhood are putting together a haunted house, or rather a haunted box. I feel like we’re on an episode of “COPS”! It looks like a tricky 7-10 split. It’s fucking milk! Kenny: (shoots at a couple trolls with the milk) It works, Dad! We got the monster that wants to hack up our children. When Ernest follows her, he learns the story of Trantor and idiotically reports it to the kids. (Cut to Bobby Tulip doing a rim-shot on his drum set). ernest scared stupid. Due to its modest gross of $14,143,280 at the U.S. box office,[2] Disney did not pick up the option after their initial four-picture deal with Cherry and Varney had ran out, therefore making this the fourth and final Ernest film to be released under the Disney label, Touchstone Pictures. NC (voiceover): Actually, it’s just two kids dressed as trolls who fell in there. Trantor is a demonic troll who transforms children into wooden dolls to feast upon their energy in Briarville, Missouri in the late 19th century. You know, to the point that they’re…terrified of them. I see the stop button calls for a stagehand to push the prop out.

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