Eric Ross Weinstein (1965–) is the managing director of Thiel Capital, ... As of August 2020, Weinstein has not published any paper on his theory. Once you have such equations in hand, you can try to match them up with reality. I thought he was very rude and condescending to her. Later in the podcast he did say he has been thinking this since his PhD. This checks whether a list of particles is a consistent extension of the standard model, much like the digits of a credit card number can be added in a certain way to confirm their validity. I am waiting to see where he goes when he tries to formalize it. Posted on May 23, 2013 by woit. People much smarter than Eric Weinstein have been wrong in both blatant and extremely subtle ways. A Portal Special Presentation Geometric Unity: A First Look . Conspiracy Theory: Eric Weinstein, Bret Weinstein and Pia N. Malaney (Eric Weinstein's wife) had Nobel-track careers that were undermined by "the establishment" The reality is, of course, that Eric Weinstein gets glowing press in The Guardian, Bigthink and other outlets (see section about Eric being a crybully) about every single one of his ridiculous ideas. “It would take an hour and a half,” Conlon said to Weinstein at the lecture. The two mathematical frameworks that govern modern physics, quantum mechanics and general relativity, just don’t play nicely together despite decades of attempts at unification. Sometimes traits that are labelled dumb or defective turn out to be necessary and brilliant. Studying a little bit of the history of math and science would make most physicists of merit wait until they have more to back up their theories and put it up for others to scrutinize before making grand claims. For example, Dirac predicted the existence of the positron based on the symmetries of his equation describing the electron. Its certainly not a theory at that point, and this vague description is not something we can interrogate in any real way. The notion that "The Portal" is the THE PORTAL is bordering on a grandiose delusion.

Post and discuss any commentaries, opinions or external links related to advanced research in physics. Neither was there several years ago when the last round of hype over Weinstein's ideas took place. “The principal authors of all three of our most basic equations subscribe to the aesthetic school, while the rest of the profession had chased the consequence of beauty with adherence to data,” he says. The trouble is that we should already have seen some of Weinstein’s new particles, if they exist, says physicist Joseph Conlon of the University of Oxford. Its certainly nothing that could justify the hype its generating. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheoreticalPhysics community, Continue browsing in r/TheoreticalPhysics. Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, have been smashing particles together at high enough energies to overcome the strong force, creating a spray of other more elusive particles, such as the Higgs boson. September 27, 2020 May 25, 2013 by Dave. , published 8 June 2013, Hungry algae may explain how plants became green, Egypt's city of bean counters suffered flash floods, symmetries of his equation describing the electron, Cats cost Australia A$6 billion a year by spreading diseases, Superwhite paint can cool buildings even in hot sunlight, CRISPR turns normal body fat into a type that burns energy, Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic, Viruses have busy social lives that we could manipulate to defeat them, Black Box review: Smart sci fi plays with identity, fate and death, Covid-19 news: Blood plasma therapy has limited effect, study finds, Mathematicians have found the shortest route to visit 2 million stars, Record $8 billion payout won’t turn back the clock on US opioid crisis. WELCOME TO ERIC-WEINSTEIN.NET . I love the way he talks about physics. His podcast is extremely interesting. Bret Weinstein Deserved a Nobel Prize . If the predicted particles fail the test, the theory is wrong. There is joy in it. Eric Weinstein's theory is the first major challenge to the validity of Albert Einstein's Field Equations. Eric Weinstein, a consultant at a New York City hedge fund with a background in mathematics and physics, says the solution is to find beauty before seeking truth. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Harvard University Department of Economics . In addition, any modification to the central equations of physics would have to give results that are only a slight correction to existing theories – just as Einstein’s equations offer very similar answers to the approximations of Newton’s equations, says John March-Russell.

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