Everything Duggerton does is about HIMSELF.

View Comments BREAKING: Coach Gus Duggerton Wins Rose Bowl, Accepts HC Job At Texas Tech.

But did Duggerton thank his best player for sacrificing his body for the team? It is painfully obvious that Duggerton cares about winning more than he does about his own players well-being. Katz created his own coach and named him Gus Duggerton. This is just one example of Duggerton’s long history of throwing his players under the bus, then reversing the bus back over them just so he can run them over one more time. This is not the first time Coach Duggerton has left his team high and dry after a promising season. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Texas is undeniably BACK!

Coach Duggs took a 2-10 team and led them to a 10-3 season, … FSU PD laughed. It looks like he might have peed his pants. Why? Texas Tech, coming off a 2-10 season, offered Duggerton and he immediately accepted the offer from the Big 12 program.

He wasted little time getting out of Tallahassee.

He was overheard slandering Cam Banks all throughout the game. Unfortunately, you would barely know this from reading the papers.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Cam Banks – destined to be the next Marcus Lattimore.

Is this the future of coaching in college football? Prior to the Fiesta Bowl, Heisman winner Cam Banks had a decision to make. The AD said it’s policy for security to walk people out. He will tell you that it’s “about the kids”, but his actions do not reflect that one bit.

All that being said, Coach Duggerton is poised to land his first head coaching job going into next season.

This weeks college football season came to an end last night.

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They played football the right way. He runs a high powered air raid style offense. Duggerton would like you to forget that he is often quick to abandon the run, in favor of flashy “look-at-me” play calls.

He runs a high powered air raid style offense. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The numbers don’t lie. Because there’s a far more polarizing coach in Tallahassee. Those kids should be proud.

I DON’T CARE”, “I gave so much money to Cam Banks under the table, just for him to do this”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Me, me, me.

Coming for that ass.

The main concern with Coach Duggs at Tennessee, The main reason Jeremy Pruitt is excelling as the Tennessee Vols’ head coach, Tennessee Vols are rewriting the recruiting playbook, Tennessee Titans: How the undefeated magic ran out, COLUMN: The Titans’ Loss to Pittsburgh Could Serve as a Much-Needed Wake-Up Call, Tennessee Football: Jeremy Pruitt’s reasoning for not playing young players is a good sign for Vols. While Duggs isn’t real, he has created a major buzz in sports. Wherever he goes, I hope they don’t get too attached. Change ), This is a text widget. It was an incredible year for the Longhorns.

He’s going to do what he wants, and what he wants to do is win the Fiesta Bowl. But Wisconsin isn’t the only job that could catch Duggs’ eye.

There is plenty to unpack, so let's start chronologically with a Rose Bowl recap.

The Texas Longhorns reign supreme as the #1 team in the land.

He wasted little time getting out of Tallahassee. I will be staying at Tennessee for at least 2 years (unless Wisconsin opens up). Duggerton has made it clear that he’s waiting on the Wisconsin job to open and Vol fans are well aware that he could make like Lane Kiffin and bolt if the Badgers come calling. All that being said, Coach Duggerton is poised to land his first head coaching job going into next season. Some things are bigger than sports.

Live Weekday Mornings at 8am.

It’s anyone’s guess. Coach Duggs, otherwise known as Gus Duggerton, is off to a great start at Tennessee. Franklin, TN 37064.

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