Truman issued Proclamation 2714 formally ending the war on December 31, 1946. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,rusty staples removed, Click Abbreviations Key. Condition V Good,Cfld,lcr,sc,2mm right edge split, Click Abbreviations Key. DATE 06/04/46 British Army X1 v FA X1 1946 1945/46 Football Programme. DATE 05/11/52 British Army X1 v FA X1 1952 1952/53 rare Football Programme. DATE 06/04/46 FA X1 v British Army 1946 FA X1 v The Army Training Corps. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,tc, Click Abbreviations Key. Condition V Good,Cfld,lcr, Click Abbreviations Key. Army v FA X1 1947 - at Wembley + Len Shackleton, Army v FA X1 1952 - at Leeds + Meadows Man City, Army v FA X1 1954 - at Sheffield Wednesday - Finney Viollet, Bolton Wanderers v Bury 1953 - Reserves Match. 18-19. British Junior cup final Football Championship. Various shots of football match, inter cut with shots of soldiers and Chelsea Pensioners watching. DATE 28/10/59 Aldershot v Aldershot Professional X1 1959 - Friendly Match 1959/60 Football Programme. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,a few markings, Click Abbreviations Key. played at Wembley. Wolves also won the Football League War Cupin 1942 beating Sunderland4-1. 20-21. Register now. A match took place between ‘England’ and ‘Scotland’ with proceeds in aid of the Navy Sheepskin Jacket League; a British Army team and sides representing RAF Bangalore and RAF Bombay also featured in the games. DATE 05/11/52 FA X1 v British Army 1952 FA X1 v The Army football match. DATE 12/05/56 Army v Boys Association 1956 1955/56 Football Programme. DATE 02/11/49 FA X1 v British Army 1949 at Charlton Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,tc,slrs, Click Abbreviations Key. Team players included: nick names ? Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,nof,two tiny rust dot marks, Click Abbreviations Key. In coloured shirts play team from British army. Army boot clad feet march past the camera. Many of these included former collegiate and professional stars of the football gridiron. Army FC - see the Army Football Club Section for more Football Memorabilia ! The players included: Ramsey, Tuson, Clarke, Wharton, Stainbank, Shields, Dryden, McKenzie, Walker, Bailey, Himsworth. [11] The fair's "Negro Day" game featured Wiley College paired against the Randolph Field Black Ramblers (the African American counterpart to the Randolph Field Ramblers). Teams associated with the bases of the United States Army included: Teams associated with the bases of the United States Army Air Forces included: Teams associated with the bases of the United States Navy included: Teams associated with the bases of the United States Coast Guard included: Daye, "The Encyclopedia of Armed Forced Football,". This List of World War II military service football teams includes all those top-level American football teams consisting of active duty military personnel of the United States Armed Forces that played against collegiate or professional opponents during the seasons of 1942, 1943, 1944, or 1945. Even the service academies remained strong through 1945, with Army and Navy's annual game featuring the two top teams of the 1945 AP Poll and the game being declared the "Game of the Century," with Pres. Rowley, Wright and Bett played. Early in the war effort one football writer said about the applicability of the formation of football teams with military training: Football is a body-toughener. Match played at Manchester City Maine Road. Good shots of mass production of army uniforms in factory in the Midlands. DATE 13/02/46 Army Northern Command v Eastern Command 1945/46 Played at Elland Road Leeds United. DATE 06/04/19 Army Football DGT Camp Staff v Rest Of League 1919 1918/19 rare old Football Programme. Team players included : Brodie, Shipright, Howfield, Stepney, Norris, Hodges, Jackson, Tyrer, Munday, Parnell, Wilson, Young, Woodhouse, Gregory, Barnwell, Plenderleith, Smith, Underwood, Williams, Ashton, F Duncan. Match was played at Aldershot Condition V Good,Cfld,lcr, Click Abbreviations Key. DATE 03/11/54 British Army v FA X1 1954 1954 Football Programme. Condition fair/Good,cfld,lcr,few ni's,a few tiny tears,a fold on the spine, Click Abbreviations Key. played at Wembley. In white shirts play team of soldiers from Allied Forces, they are Dutch, Belgian, Czech, Polish and Norwegian. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,tc,sc,tiny 1cm ni at bottom of spine,slrs, Click Abbreviations Key. In the end the British army team wins by 8 goals to 2. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr, Click Abbreviations Key. DATE 03/11/54 British Army v FA X1 1954 1954 Football Programme. DATE 12/05/56 British Army Cadets v Boys 1956 1955/56 Football Programme. Condition V Good,cfld,lcr,tiny edge ni, Click Abbreviations Key. Friendly match played at Garrison Ground, Blackdown. Bolton Wanderers v Arsenal 1952 Things You May Not Have Known About The Oscars. DATE 11/05/46 Army Football Programme 1945/46 This is the official 4 page football programme issued for the 1946 Semi-Final BAOR Inter-Divisional Association Football Championship played at The Stadium, Munster Germany between 52(L) Division and 7L of C played on Saturday the 1th of May 1946 Team Included : Ramsey, Wharton, Butcher, McKenzie, Stainbank, Walker, Clarke, Bailey, Shields, Himsworth, Skinner, Little, Rogers,, Hobkinson, Gill, Hall, Burke, Alcock, Wilson, Morrison.

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