He knew the grime bubble would eventually burst. © LOUD AND QUIET 2020. AJ Tracey Lit up Flannels’ Oxford Street Store Last Night Style sponsored November 27, 2019 First Childish Gambino Album Reviews Say ‘3.15.20’ Makes Isolation Bearable "Jackpot" and "Rina" bounce into action with infectious rhythms – the latter a love song…of sorts. 90. and Butterflies to the claustrophobic rhythmic clatter and 80s arcade game electronics of Horror Flick. to the basic tariffs. The problem with this album is that, rather than sticking with the format that works for him, he chases his talent in bizarre directions that hurt rather than help the record as a whole. It’s a rare instance of Tracey writing cheques with his mouth that his music can’t cash. That feeling, so brilliantly conveyed by AJ Tracey on this album, of no longer just surviving but actually living. and Lil Tracey. If it isn’t clear exactly what cradling a baby goat has to do with the album’s contents, it’s certainly an effective way of putting some distance between Tracey and his peers in terms of iconography: you can have the bling and the gritty urban landscapes, I’ve got livestock. be aware that our efforts are ongoing. AJ Tracey has been active on the music scene since 2011, and it feels like we’ve been waiting for a minute for the West Londoner’s debut album. relevant portions of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA When AJ Tracey released his ‘Secure The Bag’ EP back in 2017, he delivered a project shaped by his bold bars, cheeky punchlines and metaphors, and authentic grime flow, married with trap and hip-hop influenced instrumentals that moved his sound in a new direction. You can't take a breath in UK Hip-Hop without hearing AJ's name mentioned and yet, it's taken just under 8 years for his debut album to drop after his Soundcloud debut in 2012 and in that time he's dabbled in grime, dancehall, trap and hip-hop. Please Tracey has earned his credibility through solid EPs such as Secure the Bag! Contact Available for everyone, funded by readers, 2019 has been the UK rapper’s breakout year. The album comes full circle as this song leads us into “Horror Flick” and “Triple S.” At this point, we feel better acquainted with Tracey's range and accept the comfort of what already sound like quintessential tracks. Last year’s bit of foreplay, Butterflies, took Tracey to the dancehall and his dad’s native Trinidad, while the more recent Psych Out! On his debut 15-track eponymous record he’s unstoppable over grime, trap, garage and even country-inspired beats, rapping about girls, footballers (again) and proving people wrong. The company is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its Web site for all people with It features an acoustic guitar and the lyrics mention both “cowboy spins in the car” and “cowgirls zipping off bras” – this is very much what the role of girls, cow or otherwise, amounts to throughout the album – and there the similarity ends. With this record, he’s laid to down a marker, not just for 2019, but for the future of UK rap. Advice: consume daily for effective mood enhancement. AJ Tracey's 'AJ Tracey' is available to buy or stream. Yet it’s not the country music twangs or the catchy chorus sung by Tracey that is most impressive; it’s his ability to adapt his rapping effortlessly to this sound. “Plan B,” the first song on the album, initially creates intrigue as it suggests his new life doesn’t quite make sense to him. Alternatively, you can object to The album leaps surefootedly from the pop-facing and melodically lush Psych Out! Each newsletter contains an unsubscribe link. AJ’s decision to keep the guest features limited is a deliberate attempt to rightly keep the focus on him. Album Of The Week. Unsurprisingly, AJ also boasts about his self-confessed “playboy” status even getting a “Wine off of someone’s Aunty” on “Wifey Riddim 3,” produced by UK powerhouse producer Steel Banglez. Jobs If, at any time, you have specific questions or concerns about the Heavy experimentation can be a risk on a debut LP, but Tracey’s self-confidence allows him to carry this more often than not. This body of work proves that AJ Tracey has star quality in the making. The worst songs are so generic that you just won’t remember them. I can’t recommend this album outside of a couple cuts for a Spotify playlist. Album Review: AJ Tracey – Secure the Bag “T hey thought I would flop and they’re wrong,” AJ Tracey, the 23-year-old rising grime sensation from Ladbroke Grove, West London confidently raps on ‘Quarterback’ and he’s right, Secure the Bag is certainly anything but a flop. The album leaps surefootedly from the pop-facing and melodically lush Psych Out! International Teachers of Pop: Another Brick In the Wall (The Re-moaner Mix)Better even than the 1980 disco cover by Snatch that completely changed the lyrics – “Yes, you need an education” etc – Pink Floyd’s teacher-admonishing hit recast as icy Teutonic synth-pop. Watch the video for AJ Tracey’s Doing It. Tracey seems as at home essaying a great slice of retro two-step garage – Ladbroke Grove, enriched by a melancholy, helium-voiced hook that butts against the party-starting lyrics – as he is performing over an opening brace of tracks that are sparse and understated but never forget to include a nagging sample: the lovely piano coda of Double Cs, the introspective-sounding guitar figure that punctuates Jackpot. Double C’s ad libs, the autotuned vocals in "Necklace", there’s something for everyone on this record. But at other points, being driven in multiple directions leaves the album lacking cohesion. It’s fine to play Fifa to, but you won’t remember it next month. regularly about similar products without prior explicit consent. While contemporaries rushed and clamoured for time in the spotlight, AJ took a step back, surveyed the landscape and planned ahead. AJ’s previous track with Baauer, "3AM", teased his ability to produce driving vocals across dance tracks that people won’t be able to keep still to, but this is even more effective. What difference does a decade or two make in the worlds of music, kids’ TV and poetry? It’s been three years since bursting onto the scene with Thiago Silva and while AJ’s flow hasn’t slowed, his ability to deliver it across multiple genres has grown impressively. receiving the newsletter at any time by sending an e-mail to info@highsnobiety.com. The MC born Ché Wolton Grant is on fire, yet in some danger of losing his individuality. and Butterflies to the claustrophobic rhythmic clatter and 80s arcade game electronics of Horror Flick. ", which has the feel of the Post Malone x 21 Savage collabs. But his musical versatility is never in doubt. The fourth Collections cover, featuring Batu, is available to pre-order now. Indeed, self-assurance seems to find expression in ways that go beyond standard interview braggadocio. AJ Tracey Take ‘Country Star’, AJ Tracey’s self-professed take on country music. among his peers, which is no insecure statement. It’s hard to think of a debut so confident in every musical aspect since J Hus’ Common Sense. Enter, "Ladbroke Grove", a garage-infused track made to dominate the clubs in the summer. That’s not to say his self-titled LP is short on grime flavour – Tracey is still one of the UK’s best young barrers, but it does manoeuvre around notions of genre with calculated fluidity. address for this purpose at any time without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according Take ‘Country Star’, AJ Tracey’s self-professed take on country music. He’s equally able to throw it down in a tough, confrontational tone as more mellow and melodically. Cookie Notice While this album is rich in its variety of sounds, AJ Tracey doesn’t stray too far from the norm in terms of what he raps about. AJ Tracey has been on the scene since for a hot minute, earning his credibility through various projects such as Buster Cannon, Secure the Bag! access is sought, and we will make all reasonable efforts to make that page accessible for you. Drake was an early adopter of Tracey’s, and this album’s versatility belies the Canadian don’s approach.

Apart from Jay Critch, the only other features are Giggs on “Nothing But Net” and rising British rapper Not3s on "Butterflies." It works out to just £1 per week, to receive our next 6 issues, our 15-year anniversary zine, access to our digital editions, the L&Q brass pin, exclusive playlists, the L&Q bookmark and loads of other extras.

All rights reserved. Another weird quirk is ‘Double C”s diss at a teacher: “, In fairness, it’s pretty disingenuous of me to review this album like it’s a sitdown experience when it’s more or less a series of singles that share a title. I cannot stress this enough: AJ Tracey is 24-years-old. AJ Tracey fires out of the starting gate eagerly and sets the bar for what’s to come. From summery Top 20 hit Butterflies and the woozy, SoundCloud rap lean of Psych Out, to the oddball acoustic guitar twang of Country Star and the bubbling, throwback UKG of Ladbroke Grove, he ticks boxes that other grime MCs wouldn’t. The COVID-19 crisis has cut off our advertising revenue stream, which is how we’ve always funded how we promoted new independent artists. Country’s an adaptable genre – just look at last year’s ambient crossover ‘Ghost Box’ – but it’s not so adaptable that you can call it a day after sampling a guitar loop and using the word “cowboy” a lot. Even in a scene increasingly untroubled by the kind of generic divisions that once defined it, a metaphorical jaunt to Nashville feels like a brave new frontier. It’s a theme he returns to within seconds on his eponymous debut album: “Me and you are not the same,” he assures nameless backbiters, “I’ve got a different past.”. AJ Tracey: ‘I had to do everything on my own’, 'All the hood rats would jam with us': Grandmaster Flash, AJ Tracey and other artists on the generation gap, Top Boy soundtrack review – a showcase of UK rap's strength and diversity. Sampling Jorja Smith’s “Wandering Romance,” this track binds together perfectly. With the exception of Doing It, little here is straight-up grime. Sam with Disabilities Act (”ADA”). For the most part, he has the musical agility to flex his muscles on other sounds. It doesn’t slow down at "Wifey Riddim 3" – continuing from the other two volumes – and this is the best one yet, backed by marimba-style percussion, AJ delivers some surprisingly-well sung melodies in the chorus. "Country Star" catches you off guard (yes, that is an acoustic guitar in the background there). No where is his willingness to play with different sounds more evident than on standout track “Country Star.” Signaling a change in direction on the record, you’re initially taken aback by the sounds of a moody, acoustic guitar.

Crack Hops "Any rhythm any vibe I’ll adapt to", he spits confidently. All this publication's reviews; Read full review; Clash Music. Originally a grime MC, Tracey has already parlayed his London cachet on to an international platform with a series of EP releases that found him partying in hot climes in the videos. It’s ballsy for a debut, and the weird tracks aren’t the worst by any means. Studio 31, Information Plinth Landmrk Data, An independent platform for contemporary culture, AJ Tracey AJ’s strength lies in the delivery of his rapping, whatever the flavor of the track.

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