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    About Us

    Over the last 10 years... showing the Grand River Valley has become our passion, not our job. When you knock on our door for an adventure, our goal is to make the experience easy to do... with everything looked after.

  • Canoe Trips
    Best of the Grand

    Canoe Trips

    Our Grand River canoe trips are 3 hours or more, there is no time limit... we really encourage you to leave your watches behind and enjoy the day! We offer both beginner and intermediate canoe trips.

  • Kayak Trips
    Our Fleet of Grand River Kayaks

    Kayak Trips

    Learning to kayak is easiest thing to do. Our Grand River kayak trips are 2 hrs or more... and there is the option to take a kayak lesson before the trip.

  • Rafting Trips
    Stand Up Paddle Board Trips on the Grand

    Rafting Trips

    Rafting is something everyone can do in total safety regardless of age, size or skill level. Rafting is the best way to "Experience Everything Together"! The rafts cannot tip over and hold up to eight people.

  • Other Adventures
    Team Building Experiences... Quest by Fire

    Other Adventures

    Try our stand up paddleboards... or go family tubing... or paddle our two man non-tip yaks. We offer over seven different ways to paddle the Grand River.

  • Group Experiences
    Dining at the Arlington Hotel

    Group Experiences

    From corporate team building to outdoor educational programs for youth... our goal is to offer one of the most unique experiences in the valley.

  • Contact Us
    Grand River Bridge View Paris, Ontario

    Having Trouble Getting Here... Contact Us!!!!

    We are located in the town of Paris, one hour west of Toronto... just off the 403 highway. We meet you where you start your trip... so advanced reservations are a must. We operate 7 days a week.

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Try a blue donut or red Turbo Tube.


Other Trip Options

 Rent a tube... link

 Rent a SUP... link

Rent a single kayak... link

 Rent a canoe... link

 Rent a raft... link

 Rent a two man kayak... link

 Hotels & Eateries... link

 Trip Lunch & Camping... link


Grand River Tubing Ontario


Our Grand River tubing trips are on part of the Cayuga Route… this is a 4 hour trip down the Grand River.

This is a great trip for families, friends and groups.

 We meet you at our registration booth at the Syl Apps Center… then you walk about 300 yards to the start point at the Paris Dam.

At the start point you are fitted with life jackets, paddle and tube... grab your gear and head down the river.

The 8km tubing route takes about 4 hours. Straps are provided so small children can be hooked to the adult tubes or friends can hook together. Ages preferred are 3 years and up.

Along this Cayuga paddle route there are fresh water springs to drink from, an old mine form the 1830’s, a picnic area with washrooms and a 400m body surfing area at the end/

When you are about 1 hour from the exit point, you call on your cell phone from an assigned bridge. This is our signal to come and shuttle you back upstream to your vehicle.

We offer turbo tubes with the mini kayak paddle or blue donut tubes with a paddle... depends what speed you want to move at!

The cost per person is as follows:


Number of People Cost per Person
*One Person  $55.00 plus HST
*Two People  $40.00 each plus HST
*Three or more people $30.00 each plus HST
Cargo Tube for Gear $25.00 each plus HST

*Price includes tube, life jacket, floating dry bag and return shuttle ride to your vehicle

With us there is no time to be off the river, leave your watches behind and forget about the day.

Weekdays is the Cayuga Trip from Paris to Whitemans Creek... 9:30am, 10:30am, 11;30am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm

Weekends is the Oneida Trip from Glen Morris to the Three Sisters... 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm

Map of Route

Grand River Tubing Map from Paris to Grand River Rafting Camp & Picnic Site




Floating the Grand River is a must do!

In our area the river averages 1 meter in depth with a 2 km/hr current speed... so if you tip over, stand up! The wilderness landscape is filled with all types of birds... people find it hard to believe they are one hour from Toronto

You need to make reservations by email or phone in advance... because we meet you where your trip starts.

It is important to recognize that the weather-news channels are about 20% accurate in their daily forecasting... we are around 85% accurate!

If the weather is bad, we will contact you telling you to save your money and not come. With our cancelation you can get a full refund or pick another date... whatever is best for you.

Also if water levels are what we consider unsafe to paddle... we will cancel our trips with the option to raft or go in a non-tip yak... your safety with us is more important than your money!

We are the only incorporated outfitter business on the river carrying full liability as required by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

We have risk management plans in place, adult waivers and youth consent forms... and our interpretive staff is top notch, undergoing a 3 week training course.